Forest Highways (FH)

The Forest Highways (FH) Program was eliminated under MAP-21. All projects previously authorized under the FH Program will still be administered under previous rules and regulations of the FH Program. The FH Program provided funding to resurface, restore, rehabilitate, or reconstruct designated public roads that provide access to or were within a National Forest or Grassland. The program was administered by the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Federals Lands Highway Office, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service and 41 State Departments of Transportation, in accordance with tri-agency agreements in each state.

Funding was provided for the planning, design, construction, reconstruction, or improvement of designated Forest Highways -- including bridges -- that provides access to or were within a unit of the National Forest System. Funds could also be used to purchase transit vehicles and design, operate, and maintain public transit facilities on public lands. Additionally, funds could be used to pay for any transportation project authorized in Title 23. SAFETEA-LU added three new eligible activities for Forest Highway funds: Maintenance, Hunting and Fishing Access Signs, and Aquatic Organism Passage projects.

Statutory Criteria

Headquarters Program Office Contact

Frances Ramirez
Public Lands Highways Program Coordinator
Office of Federal Lands Highway
Phone: (202) 493-0271