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The following archived versions of the Standard Specifications for the Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects (FP) are available for download. Note that the FP-03 is the only current version.


FP-03 US Customary Units FP-03 Metric Units

The FP-03 is the current version. It was published in 2003 and replaced the FP-96. It is available in Metric and US Customary versions.

Acrobat Icon View the FP-03, US Customary Units  (Acrobat, 2.78 MB)

Acrobat Icon View the FP-03, Metric Units  (Acrobat, 2.65 MB)


FP-96 Metric Units FP-96 English Units

The FP-96 was published in 1996 and replaced the FP-92. It was the first FP to be published in Metric units. In 2001 the English Units version was published. This version was replaced by the FP-03 although some projects continued to use the FP-96 past 2003.

Acrobat Icon View the FP-96, Metric Units  (Acrobat, 2.02 MB)

Acrobat Icon View the FP-96, English Units  (Acrobat, 2.62 MB)

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