Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations show the amount bid by each bidder for each pay item in a contract. They are posted as soon as the Contracting Officer certifies that a bid tab accurately reflects the bids received and publicly opened. Fiscal years run from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. So, for example, FY 2016 runs from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. Click on a link below to view details for a specific contract.

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Current View: There are 27 records in 2019, WFL, all states.

Project Number
Project Name and Files
2019 WFL WA WA RRP RIDG 100(2)
River S Bridge Replacement
Acrobat Icon WA-RRP-RIDG-100(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 39 KB)
2019 WFL MT MT DOT 544(1)
Biddle East
Acrobat Icon MT-DOT-544(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 688 KB)
2019 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-20(2)
Skykomish Emergency Repairs 2016
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-2016(1)-20(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 187 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR FS ERFO 2016(1)-15(3), OR FS ERFO 2017(1)-15(1)
Umpqua Repairs 2016 and Umpqua Repairs 2017
Acrobat Icon OR-FS-ERFO-2016(1)-15(3)-2017(1)-15(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 173 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR JOSEPH 2401(2)
Galice Road Improvements
Acrobat Icon OR-JOSEPH-2401(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 212 KB)
Main Avenue Access Improvements
Acrobat Icon WA-RIDGE-MAIN-(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 194 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR GRANT 73(1)
Silvies-Hopper Lane Reconstruction and Overlay Project
Acrobat Icon OR-GRANT-73(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 685 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR BLM ERFO 2017(1)-32(1)
Medford District Road Repairs 2017
Acrobat Icon OR-BLM-ERFO-2017(1)-32(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 687 KB)
2019 WFL MT MT DOT 86(1)
Bozeman to Bridger Mountains Trail
Acrobat Icon MT-DOT-86(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 737 KB)
2019 WFL ID ID BONVIL 2016(1)
Snake River Road and Bear Creek Road
Acrobat Icon ID-BONVIL-2016(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 770 KB)
2019 WFL WA WA NPS OLYM 207(1)
Rehabilitate Staircase Road
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-OLYM-207(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 329 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR WALLOWA 4602(1)
Wallowa Mountain Loop Road Reconstruction
Acrobat Icon OR-WALLOWA-4602(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 699 KB)
2019 WFL ID ID PFH 26(4)
Ketchum-Challis Highway (Avalanche Repair)
Acrobat Icon ID-PFH-26(4).pdf  (Acrobat, 712 KB)
2019 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-20(4)
Snoqualmie Repairs 2016
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-2016(1)-20(4).pdf  (Acrobat, 689 KB)
2019 WFL AK AK PRA DENA 10(35)
Repave Denali Park Road MP 0 to 3.4
Acrobat Icon AK-PRA-DENA-10(35).pdf  (Acrobat, 700 KB)
2019 WFL MT MT DOT 569(3)
North of Moose Creek North
Acrobat Icon MT-DOT-569(3).pdf  (Acrobat, 232 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR DOT 35(1)
Highway 35 Safety Improvements at Meadows Creek & Mt Hood Meadows Ski Area
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-35(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 735 KB)
2019 WFL AK AK NPS DENA 10(46)
West District Culvert Replacement, MP 62.7 and MP 63
Acrobat Icon AK-NPS-DENA-10(46).pdf  (Acrobat, 678 KB)
2019 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 071-2010
West Fork White River Road Repairs
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-071-2010.pdf  (Acrobat, 697 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR DOUGLAS 17(1)
Little River Road Rock Slope Stabilization MP 24.6
Acrobat Icon OR-DOUGLAS-17(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 217 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR LINCOLN 807(1)
Five Rivers Road Overlay
Acrobat Icon OR-LINCOLN-807(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 234 KB)
2019 WFL MT MT NPS GRKO 2018(1)
Grant Kohrs Parking Lot Rehabilitation
Acrobat Icon MT-NPS-GRKO-2018(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 673 KB)
2019 WFL MT MT DAR 2019(1) and MT TETON 144(1)
Defense Access Roads FY 2019 & North Fork Project
Acrobat Icon MT-DAR-2019(1)-MT-TETON-144(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 693 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR DOT 16(1)
US20: Santiam Junction to Jack Lake Road
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-16(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 680 KB)
2019 WFL CA CA NPS BP 2017(1)
Bridge Preservation Yosemite
Acrobat Icon CA-NPS-BP-2017(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 191 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR BLM ERFO 2017(1)-32(2)
Medford District Road Repair Phase 2
Acrobat Icon OR-BLM-ERFO-2017(1)-32(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 673 KB)
2019 WFL OR OR DOT 20(1)
US 20 Lower Sunken Grade Slide Repair MP 55.4
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-20(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 681 KB)