Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations show the amount bid by each bidder for each pay item in a contract. They are posted as soon as the Contracting Officer certifies that a bid tab accurately reflects the bids received and publicly opened. Fiscal years run from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. So, for example, FY 2016 runs from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. Click on a link below to view details for a specific contract.

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Current View: There are 30 records in 2017, WFL, all states (sorted by State Code in descending order).

Project Number
Project Name and Files
2017 WFL WA WA PFH 29-1(5)
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road Slope Stabilization
Acrobat Icon WA-PFH-29-1(5).pdf  (Acrobat, 63 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA NPS NOCA 20(1)
Skagit River Bridge Repair
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-NOCA-20(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 109 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-22(1)
Cowlitz Valley Road Repairs
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-2016(1)-22(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 45 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA NPS OLYM 2016(1)
Spruce Railroad Trail Segment A
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-OLYM-2016(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 95 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-23(2)
Okanogan-Wenatchee 2016 Repairs, Phase 1
Acrobat Icon WA-FS-ERFO-2016(1)-23(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 119 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA PRA NOCA 10(6)
Stehekin Valley Road, Phase II
Acrobat Icon WA-PRA-NOCA-10(6).pdf  (Acrobat, 119 KB)
2017 WFL WA WA NPS OLYM 11(9); WA CLALLAM 92210(1)
Rehabilitate Route 11, Lake Crescent Road (US Hwy 101); East Beach Road
Acrobat Icon WA-NPS-OLYM-11(9)-WA-CLALLAM-92210(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 150 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR PFH 46(13)
Fall Creek Bridge Replacement
Acrobat Icon OR-PFH-46(13).pdf  (Acrobat, 147 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR DOT 36 (1)
OR 36 - Florence-Eugene Highway to Greenleaf Creek
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-36(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 1.19 MB)
2017 WFL OR OR BLM ERFO 151-3301
Wells Creek Landslide
Acrobat Icon OR-BLM-ERFO-151-3301.pdf  (Acrobat, 40 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR BLM ERFO 151-3203; OR BLM ERFO 2016(1)-32(1)
Medford District Roads 2015; Medford District Roads 2016
Acrobat Icon OR-BLM-ERFO-151-3203-2016(1)-32(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 319 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR DOT 26(2)
Mirror Lake Trailhead Relocation
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-26(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 52 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR BLM ERFO 151-3203, OR BLM ERFO 2016(1)-32(1)
Medford District Roads 2015/Medford District Roads 2016
Acrobat Icon OR-BLM-ERFO-151-3203.pdf  (Acrobat, 160 KB)
2017 WFL OR OR WASH 2015(2)
Hagg Lake Perimeter Road, MP 2.7 Slide Repair Project
Acrobat Icon OR-WASH-2015(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 127 KB)
Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail; Historic Columbia River Highway Summit Creek Viaduct; Wyeth Trailhead
Acrobat Icon OR-DOT-CRGNSA-100(1)-100(3)-HOODRIVER-18(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 667 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT DAR 2017(1)
Minuteman Missile Base Roads 2017
Acrobat Icon MT-DAR-2017(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 599 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT BOR 2015(1)
Fresno Reservoir Road
Acrobat Icon MT-BOR-2015(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 109 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT PRA GLAC 14(3)
Rehabilitate Many Glacier Road Slide
Acrobat Icon MT-PRA-GLAC-14(3)-A.pdf  (Acrobat, 46 KB)
Acrobat Icon MT-PRA-GLAC-14(3)-B.pdf  (Acrobat, 76 KB)
Acrobat Icon MT-PRA-GLAC-14(3)-C.pdf  (Acrobat, 76 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT DOT 543(1)
North of Jordan
Acrobat Icon MT-DOT-543(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 126 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT FLATHEAD 917(2)
Blacktail Road Surface Improvement Phase 2
Acrobat Icon MT-FLATHEAD-917(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 140 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT FERGUS 2016(1)
Horse Ranch Road Bridge Replacement
Acrobat Icon MT-FERGUS-2016(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 136 KB)
2017 WFL MT MT DAR 2016(2)
2016 By Mile - Wheatland Area
Acrobat Icon MT-DAR-2016(2).pdf  (Acrobat, 103 KB)
Main Boulder River Road Improvements
Acrobat Icon MT-SWEETGRASS-210(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 170 KB)
Elk Lake Road
Acrobat Icon MT-BEAVERHEAD-273(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 132 KB)
2017 WFL ID ID CANYON 2013(1)
Riverside Road and Lake Shore Drive Rehabilitation
Acrobat Icon ID-CANYON-2013(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 113 KB)
2017 WFL AK AK TTP CHIC 2013(1)
Dene Tene Pedestrian Path
Acrobat Icon AK-TTP-CHIC-2013(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 121 KB)
2017 WFL AK AK FS TNF 2(1)
Auke Recreation Roadway Rehab
Acrobat Icon AK-FS-TNF-2(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 36 KB)
2017 WFL AK AK DOT 135(5)
Glenn Highway Rehabilitation West Chickaloon Grade Section: MP 77.4 to 87.2
Acrobat Icon AK-DOT-135(5).pdf  (Acrobat, 143 KB)
2017 WFL AK AK FS CNF 1015(1)
Russian River Campground Access Phase 1
Acrobat Icon AK-FS-CNF-1015(1).pdf  (Acrobat, 156 KB)
2017 WFL AK AK NPS DENA 10(44)
Repave Denali Park Road MP 3.4 To 14.7, Phase II
Acrobat Icon AK-NPS-DENA-10(44).pdf  (Acrobat, 592 KB)
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