Kansas Federal Lands Access Program

Call for Projects

The Kansas Federal Lands Access Program (KS FLAP) Call For Projects is now closed.

The next call for projects is scheduled for May 2018.


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Program Documents

  • Kansas Federal Lands Access Program Charter
  • Maps of Federal Lands in Kansas
  • Kansas Call for Projects Process Diagram
  • Program of Projects

    Programming Decisions Committee (PDC) Contact List

    Agency Contact Email Address
    Kansas Department of Transportation Tod Salfrank, Bureau of Local Projects- Assistant Bureau Chief salfrank@ksdot.org
    Kansas Association of Counties Norm Bowers, Local Roads Engineer, Kansas Association of Counties bowers@kansascounties.org
    Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) Chris Longley, Access Program Manager christopher.longley@dot.gov

    Contact Information

    Agency Contact Email Address
    Federal Lands Access Program Chris Longley Christopher.Longley@dot.gov
    Federal Lands Access Program Laurie Miskimins laurie.miskimins@dot.gov

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