Utah Federal Lands Access Program

Call for Projects

The 2019/2020 Utah Call for Projects is now closed. The Utah Programming Decision Committee will be meeting in April to review applications received, and select a short list of projects to move forward for scoping. Please check this website in May for notifications about the 2019/2020 short list of projects.

The next Call for Projects opening date will be determined in 2021.

Program Documents

  • Utah Federal Lands Program Establishing Charter  (Acrobat, 44 KB)

    NOTE: The FLAP Establishing Charter identifies the agencies that will make the Programming Decision Committee (PDC). While the signing individual for that agency may have changed, the agencies in the Charter are still designating a representative for the PDC. For the current list of PDC members by agency, please refer to the PDC Contact List table on this page.

Program of Projects

Programming Decisions Committee (PDC) Contact List

Agency Contact Email Address
Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Ivan Hartle, Director, Financial Programming ihartle@utah.gov
Utah Association of Counties (UAC) Dennis Blackburn, Wayne County Commissioner dennis@wayne.utah.gov
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) James Herlyck, Access Program Manager james.herlyck@dot.gov

Contact Information

Agency Contact Email Address
Federal Lands Access Program James Herlyck James.Herlyck@dot.gov
Federal Lands Access Program Laurie Miskimins laurie.miskimins@dot.gov

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