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Tribal communities are vulnerable by unsafe and often inaccessible roads, bridges and ferries. There are aging and unsafe bridges that are used for economic development for tribal nations and to transport children to school that are in need of repair. Failing infrastructure is not only inconvenient but causes financial constraints on our families. Since our infrastructure is our economic foundation it is beneficial that we improve it to allow for increase in our gross domestic product, jobs and our connections with our international markets. When we observe our infrastructure we understand that most of our problem is hidden and we don't notice it until it is inoperable. When we focus our attention on solutions our infrastructure will improve.

The Tribal Transportation Bridge Program is focused on improving the number of declining structurally deficient bridges. We have created this webpage to assist our partners working to improve the condition of non-BIA owned and BIA/tribally owned bridges.

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Russell Garcia, PE
TTP Bridge Program Manager