Office of Tribal Transportation Program Delivery Guide

The Program Delivery Guide is offered here by the FLH Office of Tribal Transportation for use by Tribes who have, or are considering, a TTP Program Agreement with FHWA.

The Program Delivery Guide is intended to be a valuable resource for Tribal Governments in their administration of the Tribal Transportation Program, providing a source of technical transportation and program information, and describing several other key Federal transportation programs available to Tribes.

Guide Sections

       Forward  (Acrobat, 18 KB)

  1. Purpose of the Program Delivery Guide  (Acrobat, 16 KB)
  2. Tribal Transportation Program (TTP)  (Acrobat, 141 KB)
  3. Tribal Transportation Program Agreement (TTPA)  (Acrobat, 173 KB)
  4. TTP Reporting Responsibilities  (Acrobat, 188 KB)
  5. Request for Services and Project Agreements  (Acrobat, 29 KB)
  6. Transportation Planning  (Acrobat, 269 KB)
  7. Preliminary Engineering - NEPA and Other Environmental Requirements  (Acrobat, 248 KB)
  8. Preliminary Engineering - Project Package  (Acrobat, 170 KB)
  9. Preliminary Engineering - Right-of-Way (ROW) & Utilities  (Acrobat, 108 KB)
  10. Procurement, Construction Bid Advertisement and Award  (Acrobat, 60 KB)
  11. Construction and Construction Engineering  (Acrobat, 162 KB)
  12. Maintenance of Transportation Facilities  (Acrobat, 68 KB)
  13. Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) - Bridge Program  (Acrobat, 84 KB)
  14. Safety Programs  (Acrobat, 83 KB)
  15. Other Federal Transportation Grants and Programs  (Acrobat, 167 KB)

       Appendix A – Acronyms  (Acrobat, 41 KB)
       Appendix B – Glossary  (Acrobat, 77 KB)
       Appendix C – Exhibits for the Chapters  (Acrobat, 3.86 MB)