Aquatic Organism Passage Improvements at Tularosa River, Bob Thomas Creek, and Stone Creek

Project Description

The project contains drainage improvements at three crossing sites within the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona and the Gila National Forest in New Mexico.

The portion of the project in the Gila National Forest contains proposed repairs of the Tularosa River low water crossing. The existing low water crossing has been damaged by erosion in the river channel. The project will repair the low water crossing and is proposed to provide fish passage through the crossing.

The portion of the project in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest contains proposed repairs at two drainage crossings, Bob Thomas and Stone Creeks. The two crossings are located within 350 feet of one another. The project site lies within an area damaged by recent wildfires and as such, these watersheds have been moving an increased amount of sediment.

The Bob Thomas crossing is currently an at grade low water crossing. The USFS completed downstream repairs (large riprap and cutoff walls) to the crossing in 2016 to prevent erosion in the channel and along the roadway. While the crossing is performing well, the USFS is interested in hydraulic improvements to the crossing.

The Stone Creek crossing consists of two arch culverts, which periodically plug with debris. The USFS is interested in increasing the efficiency of the crossing while reducing the maintenance requirements. In addition, the USFS would like to consider aquatic organism passage requirements at the Stone Creek crossing.

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Spring 2020
Construction: Summer 2020

Project Photos

Tularosa low water crossing

Tularosa low water crossing.

Stone Creek low water crossing

Stone Creek low water crossing.

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # AZ/NM FTFS 275(1) & 233(1)
Project Name AOP Improvements
Location Apache County, AZ and Catron County, NM
FLMA Apache Sitgreaves National Forest and Gila National Forest
Status In Development

Contact Information

Project Manager: Justin Henwood
Phone: 720-963-3432

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228