California Projects

In Development

Project #Project NameLocation
CA FLAP CR 109(1) Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Point Reyes Roads Marin County
CA FLAP CR 393400(1) Evergreen Road Tuolumne County
CA FLAP ED CR147(2) Ice House Road El Dorado County
CA FLAP INY CR2022(1) South Lake Road Inyo County
CA FLAP LA CR2N40(1) Santa Anita Canyon Road Los Angeles County
CA FLAP MAD CR26(1) Avenue 26 and Road 29 Madera County
CA FLAP MAR 223(1) Pierce Point Road Marin County
CA FLAP MER CR337(1) Wolfsen Road Merced County
CA FLAP MRN CR107(1) Muir Woods Road Marin County
CA FLAP NEV 40(1) Donner Pass Road Improvements Nevada County
CA FLAP SCR T5(1) Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Santa Cruz County
CA FLAP SCR T5(2) Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Santa Cruz County
CA FLAP SD SR94(1) Campo Road San Diego County
CA FLAP SFTR95(1) South Ocean Beach Trail San Francisco County
CA FLAP TRI CR502(1) & 511(1) Ruth Zenia Road and Van Duzen Road Trinity County
CA FLAP 03S11(1) Reds Meadow Road Madera County
CA FS TRINITY ALPS TRANSPORTATION STUDY Trinity Alps Wilderness Study Trinity County
CA ER 511(1) Trinity County Emergency Repairs Trinity County
CA FTNP FOPO 110(1) & GOGA 205(1) Long Avenue & Stinson Beach Parking Marin County
CA FTNP SEKI 10(12) Generals Highway Tulare County

Under Construction

Project #Project NameLocation
CA ERFO 5N14(1) Rattlesnake Road Tuolumne County
CA ERFO DEVA 11(1) Bonnie Clare Road Inyo County
CA ERFO ELDORADO 14N08(1) Eleven Pines Road Eldorado County
CA ERFO LP NF 19S05(1) Sycamore Canyon Road Monterey County
CA FLAP 10089(1) Dollar Creek Trail Placer County
CA FLAP SR36(13) State Route 36 Humboldt County Humboldt County
CA FLAP SR89(1) Truckee River Bridge Placer County
CA FTNP NPS YOSE 500(2)16(7) Valley Loop Road & El Portal Road Mariposa County
CA FTNP SEKI 10(10) Generals Highway Tulare County


Project #Project NameLocation
CA ERFO STANISLAUS 1N04(1) Cottonwood Road Tuolumne County
CA ERFO YOSE 13(6)14(6)16(8) Storm Damage Repairs and Roadway Improvements on the El Portal, Big Oak Flat, and Wawona Roads in Yosemite National Park Mariposa County
CA FLAP 460507(1) Buchanan Road Tuolumne County
CA FLAP SR89(2) Meeks Bay El Dorado County
CA FTBR LABE(1) Lake Berryessa Pavement Improvements Napa County
CA FTFW/FLAP DOED 10(3) La Riviere Marsh Bridge & Marshlands Road Alameda County
CA FTFW KERN 10(2) & 11(1) Kern National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour Route Improvements Kern County
CA FTFW MODO TRAIL(1) Modoc Trail Modoc County
CA FTFW SACR PARKING(1) Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex Parking Lots Glenn, Sutter, & Colusa Counties
CA FTNP YOSE 14 & 219(2) South Entrance Wawona and Mariposa Grove Roads Mariposa County
CA HBP TRI CR104(1) Trinity County Bridges Trinity County

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