Generals Highway

Project Description

The project included roadway resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of approximately 0.96 miles of Generals Highway from Deer Ridge to Eleven Range within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (SEKI), Tulare County, California. Generals Highway was originally completed in 1935 and has periodically needed repairs to address structural deficiencies and normal wear that have led to deterioration of the highway. The project included a number of repairs and improvements to address inadequate drainage, subgrade slumping, pavement cracking, potholes, and other structural problems.

The project objectives were to improve the efficiency of park operations, provide for visitor safety and enjoyment, and protect park resources.


The intent of the proposed project is to correct structural and drainage. In addition, the proposed improvements are intended to provide a pleasant driving experience, improve traffic flow, facilitate maintenance operations, and reduce maintenance costs.


Generals Highway is a narrow road constructed in the 1930s and was not designed for travel by the larger vehicles in use today. The proposed project is being considered because of the need to address deficiencies in the condition of the highway and safety concerns. This highway is in mountainous terrain between 4,500 feet and 7,300 feet in elevation where snow and ice conditions are constant during the winter. The road surface, shoulders, retaining walls, and culverts are deteriorating at a rate the park is unable to keep up with through routine maintenance.

More information is available at the National Park Service website

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Spring 2017
Construction: Summer 2017 - Fall 2018
Completion: January 2019

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Project Details
Project # CA FTNP SEKI 10(10)
Project Name Generals Highway
Location Tulare County
FLMA Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
Status Completed

Contact Information

Project Manager: Nate Allen
Phone: 720-963-3668

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228