Meeks Bay

Project Description

The project will construct an extension of the west shore bike trail system that currently extends from Sugar Pine Point State Park to Dollar Hill in Tahoe City and the resort area of Squaw Valley located in Olympic Valley, California. The extension of this bike trail system would be consistent with goals, policies, and actions set forth in the 2010 Lake Tahoe Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

In addition, this project will link two major activity centers on the west shore of Lake Tahoe; Sugar Pine Point State Park and the Meeks Bay Resort. The proposed project comprises a 0.7-mile long Class 1 Bike Path commencing near the southern boundary of the Sugar Pine Point State Park and extending southward to the driveway entrance to the Meeks Bay Resort. Currently, the west shore trail system terminates at Sugar Pine Point State Park which requires bicyclists and pedestrians to share right-of-way with automobile traffic or terminate their trip altogether prior to reaching Meeks Bay Resort.

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Winter 2017/2018
Construction: Spring – Fall 2018

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # CA FLAP SR89(2)
Project Name Meeks Bay
Location El Dorado County
FLMA United States Forest Service
Status In Development

Contact Information

Project Manager: Matt Ambroziak
Phone: 720-963-3619

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228