Sycamore Canyon Road

Project Description

Repair of storm damage caused by heavy precipitation event in January 2017. Repairs included embankment construction, drainage improvements, and resurfacing.

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Summer 2018
Construction: Fall 2018

Project Photos

Embankment failure along Sycamore Canyon Road

Embankment failure along Sycamore Canyon Road.

After Sycamore Canyon Road Repairs

After Sycamore Canyon Road Repairs.

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Project Details
Project # CA ERFO LP NF 19S05(1)
Project Name Sycamore Canyon Road
Location Monterey County
FLMA Los Padres National Forest
Status Completed

Contact Information

Project Manager: Justin Henwood
Phone: 720-963-3432

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228