Truckee River Bridge

Construction Updates

Please refer to the Tahoe Transportation District website for project closures and information.

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Project Description

The Truckee River Bridge project will construct 3 new roundabouts, 2 new bridges (one of which will be the new Truckee River Bridge, the other will replace the existing Fanny Bridge). New bike paths/bike lanes and sidewalks will be constructed to improve safety and mobility for all modes of transportation in Tahoe City and the surrounding area. A section of the existing sewer line impacted by the project will be replaced.

For additional information about the project, visit the Tahoe Transportation District website.

Key Project Dates

Release of Environmental Assessment (EA): December 2014
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI): July 2015
Construction Dates:

  • Summer 2017: Construction on the new Truckee River Bridge located east of the existing Caltrans maintenance yard along SR89 (River Street) began, grading of the new SR 89 roadway alignment and new transit center entrance was completed, and replacement of the sewer line along SR 89 was completed.
  • May 2018: Construction Resumes
    • Lane shifts with day and night time work
    • New western and eastern roundabouts under construction
    • New Truckee River Bridge and SR 89 Alignment between eastern and western roundabouts
    • "Old" SR 89 widening and repaving to add bike lanes and sidewalks
    • Drainage improvements and begin construction of new roundabout at the wye intersection
    • Reconstructing a shared entrance to Caltrans Maintenance yard and Lumber Store
    • Reconstructing a new paved, trail alignment on both side of new Truckee River Bridge
    • Utility and drainage improvements
  • Mid to Late Summer:
    • Construction of new roundabout, sidewalk, parking at the wye intersection continues with the implementation of a temporary roundabout construction phase
    • Demolition and replacement of the Fanny Bridge begins
  • Early Fall
    • Landscaping
    • Signing and striping
Estimated Completion Date: Late Fall 2018

Project Photos

Aerial view of the westerly roundabout

Aerial view of the westerly roundabout.

East roundabout conceptual landscape plan

East roundabout conceptual landscape plan.

Wye roundabout conceptual landscape plan

Wye roundabout conceptual landscape plan.

New Truckee River Bridge and paved bike paths

New Truckee River Bridge and paved bike paths.

Temporary roundabout construction phase at the wye intersection

Temporary roundabout construction phase at the wye intersection.

New SR 89 alignment as of Fall 2017

New SR 89 alignment as of Fall 2017.

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # CA FLAP SR89(1)
Project Name Truckee River Bridge
Location Placer County
FLMA United States Forest Service
Status Under Construction

Contact Information

Project Manager: Matt Ambroziak
Phone: 720-963-3619

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228