Rim Rock Drive

Project Description

This project included drainage corrections, including reestablishment of roadside ditches with appropriate rip rap where needed for 4.6 miles of Rim Rock Drive beginning at the east entrance. Areas of possible subgrade problems were investigated and sub excavation or other treatments completed, as appropriate. The existing pavement was pulverized and overlaid with new asphalt. Finished pavement elevation along historic stone walls were evaluated to see if lowering the roadway profile to a more historic elevation was feasible. At the East Entrance Station, concrete stop pads with built-in speed bumps were placed on both inbound and outbound lanes. The concrete curb around the island was also be replaced.

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Fall 2017
Construction: Fall 2017 – Summer 2018
Completion: July 2018

Project Photos

Pavement Operations

Pavement Operations.

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # CO FTNP COLM 10(3)
Project Name Rim Rock Drive
Location Mesa County
FLMA Colorado National Monument
Status Completed

Contact Information

Project Manager: James Kerrigan
Phone: 720-963-3362
Email: James.Kerrigan@dot.gov

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228