Idaho Projects

In Development

Project #Project NameLocation
ID BOUNDARY 5806(1) Riverside Road Improvements Boundary County
ID FS ERFO 2017(1)-29(1) Stoddard Bridge Lemhi County
ID PFH 26(4) Ketchum-Challis Highway (Avalanche Repair) Custer County

Under Construction

Project #Project NameLocation
ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-28(1) Grayback Gulch Road Bridge Replacement Boise County
ID FS ERFO 2016(1)-27(1) Idaho Panhandle Repairs 2016 Boundary and Bonner Counties
ID PFH 21(7) Warren Wagon Road Valley County


Project #Project NameLocation
ID PFH 26(3) Ketchum-Challis Highway Project In Custer County
ID PFH 60(2) Manning Crevice Bridge Replacement Near Riggins
ID PFH 91(1) William's Creek (Shoup) Bridge Replacement In Salmon-Challis NF
ID PFH 98(1) Goose Lake Road Reconstruction Adams County

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