Kentucky Projects

In Development

Project #Project NameLocation
SER PMS FY19(1) Southeast Region Mammoth Cave National Park Pavement Preservation Barren, Edmonson, and Hart Counties, Kentucky
MACA 15(3) Brownsville Road Pavement Rehabilitation Edmonson County
SER PMS FY19(4) Southeast Region Multiple Parks Pavement Preservation in Kentucky and Tennessee LaRue County, Kentucky

Under Construction

Project #Project NameLocation
KY ERFO FS 2016-1(1) Zilpo Road Slide Repairs Menifee County
MACA 13(1), 14(2) Green River Ferry Ramp Extension Edmonson County


Project #Project NameLocation
SER BMS_FY17(2) Cumberland Gap and Big South Fork Preventative Bridge Maintenance Bell County

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