Beaver Dam Road

Project Description

This project is located on a 2.2-mile segment of Beaver Dam Road within Beaver Dam State Park. The project extends along the road from just south of the second campground to the southern boundary of the park.

Beaver Dam Road is a narrow gravel local road varying in width from approximately 12 feet to 15 feet. The road has experienced significant damage near the major drainages due to clogging and overtopping. The project will reconstruct the roadway to a consistent width with drainage improvements at the major drainage crossings and safety improvements at select locations.

Key Project Dates

Advertise: Winter 2018 – 2019
Construction: Summer 2019

Project Photos

Drainage improvement location on Beaver Dam Road

Drainage improvement location on Beaver Dam Road.

Beaver Dam Road at southern end of the project

Beaver Dam Road at southern end of the project.

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # NV FLAP 200(1)
Project Name Beaver Dam Road
Location Lincoln County
FLMA Bureau of Land Management
Status In Development

Contact Information

Project Manager: Lou Haasis
Phone: 720-963-3664

Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands Highway Division
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228