Crater Lake National Park Rehabilitate West Rim Drive and East Rim Drive

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Project Overview

Crater Lake National Park initiated a project in 2008 to remediate roadway problems and hazards along the Rim Drive. Concerns included road edge instabilities and undermining which caused reduced road widths, rockfall hazards, and deformation and undermining of masonry guardwalls and retaining walls. In addition, excessive erosion of manmade and natural slopes was occurring due to uncontrolled water runoff from the roadway.

The proposed project includes reconstruction of the entire West Rim Drive and a pavement overlay of East Rim Drive from the North Junction to the Cleetwood Trail Parking Area, as well as additional mitigation of selected sites on the East Rim Drive. The typical proposed roadway will consists of a 22-foot to 24-foot wide paved road with flattened side slopes (foreslope of 4H:1V). There will be localized sections where the side slopes of the road will be steepened (foreslope of 3H:1V) to provide proper drainage.

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Site Sections

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Project Details
Project # OR PRA CRLA 14(1)
Project Name Rehabilitate West Rim Drive and East Rim Drive
Location Klamath, Oregon
Awarded to Tidewater Contractors, Inc.
Award Date March 13, 2015
Award Amount $18,353,155.22
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Status Completed

Contact Information

James Kent, Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 907 - 4077
General Services
Crater Lake, OR 97604

Federal Highway Administration
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
610 East Fifth Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-3801