Hagg Lake Perimeter Road Project

Project Description

Located on Bureau of Reclamation land, Scoggins Valley Park and Henry Hagg Lake (Hagg Lake) are popular destinations within Washington County with nearly one million visitors each year. This high-use federal recreation destination can attract over 3,000 vehicles and 200 recreational bicyclists on a peak weekend day in addition to one of the more than twenty events held each year. West Shore Drive is the perimeter road surrounding the west side of the Park and Hagg Lake. Maintenance on West Shore Drive has been deferred over an extended period because of reservoir management issues, which have now been resolved.

The focus of this project is improving six-miles of West Shore Drive. There are three active landslides, two failing culverts, guardrails that do not meet current safety standards, and pavement which has reached the end of its service life. The road surface deterioration and settlement has resulted in bicyclists merging in and out of bike lanes to find suitable riding surface while the uneven road surface from the landslide settlements has raised the risk of damaging recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailered watercraft trying to access the lake. Additionally, the road has been reduced to one-lane at milepost (MP) 2.7 due to extensive landslide movement. Click here to view the project map  (Acrobat, 177 KB).

Once the project is completed, the road condition will be improved and provide safer, year-round use.

Project Partners

  • Federal Highway Administration –
    Western Federal Lands Highway Division
  • Washington County
  • Bureau of Reclamation

Scope of Work

The proposed improvements on West Shore Drive include four main components: (1) stabilize three active landslides; (2) replace two failing culverts; (3) upgrading the guardrail to meet current safety standards; and (4) recycling a portion of the existing pavement and overlaying the entire length/width with asphalt.

Landslide stabilization includes construction of rock buttress at MP 2.7 and re-establishing the road to two lanes, construction of a geogrid reinforced deep patch at MP 3.1 and MP 4.6, and installation of horizontal drains to drain excess groundwater from the embankment at MP 4.6.

The work is split into two different projects to accelerate construction of the MP 2.7 landslide site. Construction of this site is expected to begin in August 2017 and finish in November 2017. All other work will occur in 2018.

Anticipated Timeline

September 2016 – Project Kick-off/Field Review
February 2017 – 50% Plans, Specification, and Estimate (PS&E)
April 2017 – 95% PS&E complete (MP 2.7 landslide repair)
May 2017 – National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Documentation Complete
May 2017 - 100% PS&E complete (MP 2.7 landslide repair)
July 2017 – 95% PS&E (remaining project)
August 2017 – Begin construction (MP 2.7 landslide repair)
September 2017 – 100% PS&E (remaining project)
November 2017 – Complete construction (MP 2.7 landslide repair)
March 2018 – Begin construction (remaining project)
September 2018 – Complete construction (remaining project)

Project Photos

Landslide failure at MP 2.72

Landslide failure at MP 2.72.

Site Sections

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # OR WASH 2015(1)
Project Name Hagg Lake Perimeter Road Project
Location Washington County
Status In Development

Contact Information

Matthew L. Miller, Project Manager
(360) 619-7832

Federal Highway Administration
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
610 East Fifth Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-3801