Utah Projects

In Development

Project #Project NameLocation
UT FLAP 73(2) La Sal Mountain Loop Road San Juan County
UT FLAP 218(1) Sheep Creek Loop Daggett County
UT FLAP 2500(1) Taylor Mountain Road Uintah County
UT FLAP 70131(1) Strawberry Sheep Creek Wasatch County
UT FTFW OURA 11(1) Auto Tour Route Uintah County
UT NPS BRCA PATH (2) Bryce Canyon Shared Use Pathway Garfield County
UT FTFW JOHO 10(1) Jones Hole Road Rehabilitation Near Vernal

Under Construction

Project #Project NameLocation
UT FLAP 2496(1) Ephraim Canyon Road Sanpete County
UT FLAP 3108(1) Cascade Springs Road Wasatch County
UT FTNP ZION 13(1) Kolob Canyon Kane County


Project #Project NameLocation
UT FLAP 73(1) La Sal Mountain Loop Road Grand and San Juan Counties
UT FLAP 149(1) State Route 149 Widening Uintah County

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