Ridgefield Main Avenue Access Improvements Project

Project Update
  • Project Construction Delayed Until 2019 Season
  • Phone, Natural Gas, Electric, and Comcast lines will be relocated in the Summer of 2018. Construction of Utility lines did start but were required to halt work to obtain a clarification on a permit. Crews are expected to back out in July and August of this year to complete the undergrounding of Utilities.
  • With the delay to relocate the utilities, the road construction work pushed out until 2019. It is anticipated construction of the road will start in May of 2019 and be completed in the Fall of 2019. Main Avenue within the project limits will be closed to public traffic from July 5th through Mid-September of 2019

Project Description

Within City limits Main Avenue has sidewalks, curbs, and sufficient lane width (35-feet) to safely accommodate bicycles and vehicles. Beyond the City limits, Main narrows down to a 22-foot wide, two-lane rural road. There is currently no safe walking path along Main Avenue forcing pedestrians visiting the Carty Unit and Refuge, to walk in the vehicle travel lane. Narrow shoulders, missing sidewalks and roadside drainage ditches regularly force pedestrians into the vehicle lane which then forces on-coming vehicles over the center line to avoid pedestrians. Hikers, runners, cyclists and families with baby strollers are regularly observed along Main between the City and Refuge. Vehicle speeds average 50 mph in this area according to county data, creating a significant risk to pedestrians in the vehicle travel lane.

This project would create sate intermodal access between the City and Carty Unit for visitors to the refuge. Additionally, the trail would accommodate safe non-motorized access for nearby residents seeking amenities and services within the City less than 1 mile south.


Construct new multi-modal bicycle and pedestrian facility from existing sidewalk near the Ridgefield city limits, approximately 2,200 feet north to the Carty Unit Headquarters of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.

Project Partners

Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, City of Ridgefield, Clark County, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Tentative Preliminary Scope of Work

(to be confirmed through the Public Involvement Project and verified through engineering and resource studies)
This project will construct approximately 2,200 feet of missing sidewalk, addressing safety issues by moving pedestrians from the vehicle travel lane to a dedicated, separate sidewalk/trail. This work will include:
  • Construction of approximately 0.40 miles of attached and detached 6 to 10 foot wide paved sidewalk from end of existing sidewalk near Ridgefield city limits to the northern end of the refuge frontage near NE 291st Street.
  • Significant excavation of embankments to the north and extensive fill along the south portion of the proposed sidewalk, together totaling approximately 11,300 cubic yards of material.
  • A new crossing of Gee Creek, will replace the existing undersized culvert on Main Avenue, reducing flooding risk to public and private lands ,and removing a current barrier to fish passage.


Project KickoffJanuary 2016
Initial Studies and Public InputFebruary 2016 and November 2016
Environmental Decision/Preliminary Design (30%) December 2016
(all actions beyond December 2016 as subject to "Build Action" being selected through the Federal Environmental Process)
Design Refinement and continued Public InputMay 2017
Final Design and PermitsSeptember 2017
Advertise for ConstructionNovember 2017
ConstructionSpring 2018 to Fall 2018 (single construction project TBD)

Documents and Updates

Main Avenue Access Improvements Project

Proposed Action Alternative Map

Map showing general vicinity of project
View a larger interactive map of the project area.

Project Details
Project # WA RIDG MAIN(1)
Project Name Ridgefield Main Avenue Access Improvements
Location In Clark County
Status In Development

Contact Information

Mike Traffalis
Project Manager

Stephen Morrow
Environmental Protection Specialist

Federal Highway Administration
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
610 East Fifth Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-3801