Wisconsin Projects

In Development

Project #Project NameLocation
WI ERFO FS 2016-1(6) Forest Service Route 383 and Route 150 Partial Decommissioning Bayfield and Ashland Counties

Under Construction

Project #Project NameLocation
IRRI 10(1) Iron River National Fish Hatchery Road and Parking Area Rehabilitation Bayfield County
WI ERFO FS 2016-1(5) Forest Service Culvert Replacements and Road Repairs Bayfield, Ashland and Sawyer Counties
WI ERFO FS 2016-1(3) Snake Trail Road (Forest Service Route 194 (FS-194)), Camp 8 Road (FS-377), Spring Brook Road (FS-189), Namakagon Road (FS-196), Deer Lick Lake Road (FS-371), and North County Trail 100 (NCT-100) ERFO Repairs Bayfield County


Project #Project NameLocation
WI ERFO FS 2016-1(2) Whiskey Creek Road (FS-198), Ashland Bayfield Road (FS-199), and W Upper A Road (FS-205) Repairs Bayfield County
WI ERFO FS 2016-1(4) Forest Service Roads Repairs Bayfield, Ashland, and Sawyer Counties

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