CADD Standards Manual GEOPAK - V8i Edition

Chapter Description Date Version
Chapter 01
Discusses the files used by GEOPAK, software versions, and outlines the subsequent GEOPAK chapters. August 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 02
GEOPAK Preferences
There are many user- and project-preferences to be set up before using GEOPAK on a CFLHD project. This chapter discusses which preferences must be set to CFLHD standards. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 03
Project Manager
Outlines the GEOPAK Project Manager including creating a Working Alignment and using the Port Viewer. October 2016 Revised Version
Chapter 04
Outlines the Survey Manager, importing survey data, and editing points and chains. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 05
Digital Terrain Models
Discusses how to creat a .TIM file by extracting graphics and how to check the finished .TIN file. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 06
Design and Computation Manager
Discusses the use of the Design and Computation (D&C) Manager database, including where to find and attach the Federal Lands Highway .DDB files. This chapter also lists the MBVAs and 3PC criteria available through the D&C Manager. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 07
Horizontal and Vertical Design
Outlines the various methods for creating horizontal design including COGO, Horizontal Alignment Generator, Graphical COGO, and Store Graphics. This chapter also outlines vertical design methods. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 08
Cross Sections
Discusses the Working Alignment Definition, use of Typical Section Generator to create proposed cross sections, and cross section sheet layout. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 09
Plan & Profile Sheet Clippings
Outlines the standard CFLHD method for clipping plan sheets, plan / profile sheets and plan / plan sheets. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 10
Outlines the CFLHD method for calculating quantities in both Plan- and Cross- Sections. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 11
GEOPAK Reports
Outlines the Subgrade Template Report and the various types of GEOPAK reports required for any CFLHD project. September 2015 Revised Version
Chapter 12
Earthwork Calculations
Describes how to generate earthwork quantities for CFLHD projects and to place information into the Grading Summary. September 2015 Revised Version
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