MicroStation CADD Standards Manual - V8i Edition

Chapter Description Date Version
Chapter 01
Contains an outline of the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Standards Manual and describes its intended use within CFLHD and the A/E consultants doing work for CFLHD. 08-25-2015 Revised Version
Chapter 02
Directory Structures
Details where files should be placed during the course of a CFLHD project. Included are the directory structures for Roadway, Survey, and Bridge, as well as the directory structure for CADD resources. 08-25-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 03
Naming Conventions
Details the proper naming of files created during the course of a CFLHD project. This includes project .DGN and .GPK file naming standards. 11-17-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 04
Seed Files
Outlines the seed files in use at CFLHD as well as detailing some important settings contained within each. 08-25-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 05
Contains the standards for the placement of text, including fonts, text size, and the proper use of the CFLHD resource files. 08-25-2015 Revised Version
Chapter 06
Provides a description of each linestyle to be used on CFLHD projects as well as the proper use of the CFLHD resource files. 08-25-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 07
Color Table
Describes the proper CFLHD color table to be used. 08-25-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 08
Cell Libraries
Outlines the cell libraries currently in use at CFLHD. 10-31-2016 Revised Edition
Chapter 09
Levels and Symbology
Outlines the proper placement of elements within MicroStation, including level, linestyle, color, and weight where appropriate. 08-25-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 10
Reference Files
Explains the proper attachment methods and settings for reference files. 05-02-2012 New Edition
Chapter 11
Plans and Packaging
Describes important plan sheet content and organization for CFLHD plan sets. 08-19-2015 Revised Version
Chapter 12
Explains printing formats and how to create and use job sets of drawings to batch print and re-print. 09-09-2015 Revised Edition
Chapter 13
PDF Creation and Plan Delivery
Explains plan delivery policies and how to create PDF files using different techniques. 10-31-2016 Revised Edition
Change Form Form to submit suggested changes to the CFLHD CADD Standards Manual 01-11-2013 Revised Version