WFLHD V8i DRAFT Configuration Files

ZIP Archive Icon Download  (ZIP Archive, 23.06 MB) - includes the MicroStation and GEOPAK files that are needed to set up and run GEOPAK V8i according to WFLHD's standards.
Last updated: 8 August 2018
The configuration file is subject to change.

Changes are listed in the V8i_Resource\V4.txt workspace version tracking file.

Acrobat Icon WFLHD Workspace Installation Instructions  (Acrobat, 266 KB)

Folder Structure

Folder Files Description
Project_ Configurations *.pcf WFLHD Project Configuration files
Standards Standard files
3PC *.3pc Standard 3 port criteria files
Bin index.csv FLH D&C Manager Adhoc Attribute Help Control file
western.lsf WFLHD Standard Labeling Style file
WFL_earthwork.xls WFLHD Earthwork Volume manipulation tool
< English
or Metric
units >
*_SHEETS.psl Plan Profile Sheet Layout Libraries
fhwa_*_length.csv Maximum relative gradient for runoff length calculation
*_2004_radiusTable_e.csv Radius tables (AASHTO 2004)
Spiral_emax*_*.tbl Sprial lengths
fhwa_*.sep Superelevation preferences (AASHTO 2004)
*_XS_Sheets.xssl X-section sheet layout libraries
Cell_Lib FLH_Criteria.cel FLH cell library for X30 Criteria
*.cel WFLHD cell libraries
Custom_ Standards TextSettings.stg WFLHD text settings files
units.def WFLHD unit definition file
DDBS Database files
< English
or Metric
units >
V8_*.ddb D&C Manager database files
Western_*.ldb Legal Description library files
Input_ Files *.inp WFLHD earthwork input file
Library_ Files FLH_Combined.dgnlib FLH Level Library
Standard.dgnlib Text and dimension styles
MVBA *.mvba, *.dat Standard MVBA applications
Plotdrv *.pltcfg WFLHD plot drivers for MicroStation plotting
Resources *.rsc WFLHD resource files (line styles, fonts, etc.)
Seed Seed files
English Int_ft*D.dgn 2D and 3D International foot seed file
Sur_ft*D.dgn 2D and 3D Survey foot seed file
Metric Metric_*D.dgn 2D and 3D Metric seed file
Seed_runs *.prj and others FLH Standard seed earthwork run
Set_Files Interplot set files
< English
or Metric
units >
*.set WFLHD Interplot set files
SMD WFL_Survey.smd WFLHD Survey Manager Data Base file
Tables *.tbl Color tables
*.pen Interplot pen tables
Pen *.tbl MicroStation plot pen tables
Typicals Typical Section Creation
< English
or Metric
units >
*.x30, *.x, *.ctl, *.txt Criteria Files
*.wri Documentation files

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