Roadway Designer Manual: 4 - Drive Roadway Workflow

Workflow: Drive Roadway

Access Drive Roadway

  1. Make sure that the model has been processed and drawn into a 3D model in the MicroStation file.
  2. Access the Drive Roadway tool from the Corridor Modeler dialog.

    Location of Drive Roadway icon on Corridor Modeling dialog

    Figure 5

  3. Select the desired Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment.
  4. Make the remainder of the settings similar to the ones in the dialog below

    Drive Roadway dialog

    Figure 6

  5. Click the RUN button
  6. Review the model as the application drives down the roadway.

ImportantAs the model is being driven you can press the ESC button to pause at any point along the roadway.

Saving Preferences

  1. When driving the roadway is complete click the Preferences button.

    Drive Roadway dialog with Preferences highlighted

    Figure 7

  2. Click the Save button and provide a logical name to the preference settings to be saved off for future recall.

    Save Preferences As dialog

    Figure 8

  3. Click OK
  4. The preferences will be saved for future recall.

    Load Preferences dialog

    Figure 9

  5. Click the Close button to close the dialog.
Drive Roadway

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