Roadway Designer Manual: 6 - Cross Section Labeling Workflow

Workflow: Label Cross Sections

Access Cross Section labeler

  1. Make sure that the model has been processed and cross sections have been generated in their respective MicroStation file.
  2. Access the Cross Section Labeler from the Corridor Modeler dialog.

    Location of Cross Section Labeler on the Corridor Modeler dialog

    Figure 18

  3. This invokes the Cross Section Labeling dialog

    Cross Section Labeler dialog

    Figure 19

  4. From the main Cross Section Labeler dialog click on the Edit button in the upper center of the dialog.

    Cross Section Labeler dialog with Edit highlighted

    Figure 20

    Edit Label Settings
    XS Labeler Settings

    This will access a Settings dialog that will allow the individual text, location and symbology setting for each label. It is also where the Definition for each label is set so the application knows what to look for in order to label.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 21

    Label Definition

    Label Definition area

    Figure 22

  5. The Name field is simply the name of the definition and it isn’t related to the text that is placed.
    • The text placed can be seen when by clicking the “Text” node in the tree view.  For this type of label the Type field is set to Point and the Source is a cross section point. The Cross Section Labeler will search for the points listed in the Point Sets window. In this case the default is Pvmt_CL_LayerTop.
  6. Click on one of the Text node for Centerline Marker in the tree view.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 23

  7. The Text Label Component has several settings for controlling the text for the Centerline Marker. Notice, there are settings for both the “C” and the “L” which compose the label. The default Settings file contains default text location and symbologies settings for all labels however they can be changed at any time.
  8. Click on the Line node for Centerline Marker in the tree view.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 24

  9. Like the Text Label Component the Line Label Component has settings for symbology, as well as 2 Offset fields to locate both ends of the linear element.

    Calculated Text Inserts
  10. Click on the Station and CL Elevations option in the tree view

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 25

  11. This label will also be an XS Point label but will also look for surfaces for elevation labels.

    ImportantMake sure the Surface option is set to Ground.

  12. Click on the first Text option in the tree view.
  13. The Text Label Component settings allows for the entry of Calculated Text Inserts.

    Detail of Text Label Component

    Figure 26

  14. Compare the Text settings with the tables for Calculate Codes and Number Formats. This label will calculate and label the station.
  15. Now click on the last Text option in the tree view.
  16. This label will calculate and label the existing ground elevation at the alternate point listed in the text string.

    Detail of Text Label Component

    Figure 27

  17. Compare the text string to the tables for Calculated Text Inserts.
  18. Close the XS Labeler Settings dialog.

Existing Feature Labels

Existing plan features can also be labeled by locating the feature in a DGN by symbologies, finding the crossing on the given cross section then labeling according to the settings for that feature.

  1. In the XS Labeler click on Existing Features Labels in the tree view.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 28

  2. In the lower left of the dialog click the Browse button to set the Plan Feature Design File.
  3. Browse to a Survey or Mapping file.
  4. Using the Model pulldown select the correct model.

    Detail of Model pulldown on XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 29

  5. Open the XS Labeler Settings dialog by clicking on the Edit button.
  6. Locate the Existing Gravel label option under Existing Features in the tree view.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 30

  7. Notice in the Label Definition window the Source is a PLAN FEATURE
  8. Also notice the Feature that has been defined is ExGravel. This can be defined and then set from a level list by clicking the Define Symbology icon next to the Feature field.
  9. Click the Define Symbology icon and browse the list to find the E_RDW_Edge_of_Gravel level.

    Detail of Define Symbology icon on XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 31

    Search Attributes dialog

    Figure 32

  10. Click Cancel on the Search Attributes dialog to close.
  11. Click on the Text option in the tree view.
  12. This allows the definition of the label and arrow to label the Edge of Gravel.

    XS Labeler Settings dialog

    Figure 33

  13. Close the XS Labeler Settings dialog.

Place Cross Section Labels

Labeling Cross Sections
  1. The next step is to actually place the labels once all of the desired settings have been established. At this point the tree view can be scanned to turn on/off the labels that are desired.
  2. Click the Place Cross Section Labels button.

    Place Cross Section Labels highlighted

    Figure 34

  3. When the labeling process begins a dialog will prompt for Pausing on Each Station as a way to view the labels as it labels each section.

    Cross Section Process Control dialog

    Figure 35

  4. Toggle ON the pause button
  5. Click the Begin button. The application will begin labeling the cross sections.

    Resulting Cross Section in Microstation

    Figure 36

  6. When the process is complete the following prompt will appear. Review the sections and labels and make any changes necessary.

    Done Processing Cross Sections dialog

    Figure 37

Move Labels

The Move Labels portion of the dialog allows the navigation of cross sections as well as the ability to adjust the location of any desired labels.

  1. Click on the arrows to navigate through the cross sections.

    Detail of Move Labels area

    Figure 38

  2. Click on the Move Cross Section Label button to adjust the location of any labels that need moving.
  3. Follow the prompts in the MicroStation message center to adjust the labels.
  4. When complete close the XS Labeler.

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