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Project Template Library

Before setting up a project and saving the settings in the Corridor Modeling dialog, the Template Library that is going to be used for that specific project needs to be considered. The original or master FLH Template Library resides on a server in a read-only directory. Changes to the original or master FLH Template Library can not be made without authorization.

The FLH Template Library must be copied from its read-only directory on the server and placed into a project working directory. Once the library has been copied into a project working directory, it is recommended that the Project Template Library be renamed appropriatley so that it is associated with project files.

So, in Corridor Modeling after the Template Library has been renamed, the Template Library path must be specified under the preferences option of the dialog. The path that is specified should be pointing to the project working directory. The Project Template Library file that is specified will be the re-named FLH Template Library.

Corridor Modeler Template Library preference path

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