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Create Tempate - Points and Point Name List


Edit template points by right clicking on a template Point and selecting Edit Point. Double clicking the point also invokes the Edit Point command. The Point Properties dialog is where the point name and surface feature style are changed. After you change the point name, click Apply to save the change.

The Next > and < Previous buttons help to change multiple points by moving from point to point within the same template. Selecting the Display Points Names check box in the Display portion of the Create Template dialog allows you to visually verify the point names. The image below shows an individual point being edited:

Edit Point Example 1

Point Name List:

The Point Name List is a user defined list of standard point names that can be selected during component creation or editing to reduce time spent entering the names. A pre-defined Point Name List has been created within the FLH Template Library. Points may be added to the list in the future.

Project specific design situations may require Components or Templates to be added or edited; Therefore, the Point Name List will most probably need to be edited. When the list gets edited, it will be edited in the Template Library that resides in the project working directory.

Each template point is connected longitudinally to the next template drop, based on the interval, to form longitudinal breakline surface features. The names of those features are the names of the template points. Therefore, establishing a standard naming convention for template points is important to the quality of the proposed surface. To add names to the Point Name List: right-click on Point Name List in the Template folders and select Edit, or double-click on Point Name List.

NOTE: If you edit points within a Component or Template by clicking on the on the individual point and changing the Name, the change does not get added to the Point Name List.

Point Name List Example

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