Printing with MicroStation and ProjectWise V8i in WFLHD

Printing Preparation

All standard border cells (sheets) have a sheet boundary indicated by the dotted line surrounding the actual border. This represent the paper limits. Use the dotted line as a guide to place fences for single sheet printing and for placing plot shapes used for batch printing. The fence or plot shape defines the area to be plotted. Cross section sheets do not have the dotted reference lines

Update Sheet Cell Text Fields

All sheet cells, including cross section sheets, have intelligent text fields that indicate the last saved date, time, file, and model name. The text fields will be automatically updated when opening drawings.

To update text fields manually, go to Utilities>Key-in and type "field update all file" and then enter key.

Single Sheet Printing Preparation

A Fence is required to define print area for single sheet printing. Place a Fence using dotted line as a guide.

Batch Plotting Preparation.

A properly defined shape must be placed in the drawing(s) to define the area(s) to be batch plotted. When placing a shape use the dotted line as a guide. Placing plot shapes in Cross Section sheets is not required .Begin by changing active element attributes to:

Next place shape(s) using the Place Block drawing tool while using the dotted line as a snap guide.  Place shapes at each sheet that is to be plotted, also the sequence of that shapes are placed controls the order that the sheets are plotted.

Example of sheet cell elements and text fields examples

Text fields in lower left corner of typical border sheetPlace fence on plot shape

Single Sheet Printing

Go to File>Print or print button on standard menu.

Click magnifying glass to select printer driver configuration file.
Print dialog showing Select Printer Driver

Choose the configuration file with the printer name and select Open. Each configuration file contains WFL standard plotting settings. The example below is the Color Laser Jet 5550 in the CAD Room. Note the location path of the configuration file is in PW. Navigation to this path may be required when first identifying the proper configuration file.
Select printer driver dialog showing a printer selected

The configuration file is read only and can be used as read only. Select Yes to open in read-only mode .
Dialog showing file is read only.  Say 'Yes'.

The Print menu will have all the settings loaded. and will show the configuration field name as show below. Click print Icon to sent to printer.
Location of print icon on Print dialog

Batch Printing

As noted earlier, plot shapes must be place in all drawings in all areas to be printed using the batch plotting routine.
To begin batch printing go to File>Print Organizer

Location of Print Organizer on MicroStation File menu

To create plot Add files to the batch printing set to define files. OR go to File> Add Files to Set.  Entire Folders can be added as well
Print Organizer dialog showing location of Add Files icon

Next select Add to navigate to and select files to add to batch. Multiple file locations can be selected by selecting add and navigating to other location and files
Create Print Definitions dialog

  1. Select files, then select Add, and then Select OK.  Multiple files can be added
    Select Files dialog
  2. Next select magnifying glass to browse to and apply print styleSelect style and then OK.  Styles names are based on and configured to printer names. Creating PDF files then printing the PDF's is a best practice workflow.
    Apply Print Style dialog
  3. After the files have been added and the style has been selected, next Select OK.
    The Print Organizer Status menu will flash with data while compiling the batch.
    Print Organizer Status

Once the batch is compiled the Print Organizer will be populated as shown below. Select the Print icon. Note configuration file name and number of sheets created at the bottom of dialog.
Print Organizer dialog after running batch plotting

Note again the driver configuration file name should match the printer nameSelect Print Range. Select Single print job. Using the Separate print jobs setting is not recommended, this would produce multiple PDF files.  Select magnifying glass to browse to the location and name of the PDF file to be created. Do not check Open print file after creation. This creates a conflict with PW. Select OK
Print dialog for Adobe PDF

If a printer had been selected the following menu would appear.
Note the driver configuration file name should match the printer nameSelect Print Range. Select Single print job. Using the Separate print jobs setting is not recommended, this would allow other print jobs in the queue to be within the batch print.  This is not desirable. Select Send to Printer to begin batch printing.
Print dialog for typical printer

After selecting magnifying glass for the destination the select a wizard menu appears. Select No Wizard then select OK.
ProjectWise Select Wizard

Create file in desired location, appropriate name, description and file name. Then Select Save.

The print menu will be ready to submit. Note the destination has the proper name and PW location staring.  Select OK
Print dialog showing location of PDF file

Print Organizer will start to print and show a status as shown below.
Print Organizer Status dialog

After the print has been created , PW check in menu will appear.  Suggest select Update Server Copy.  Then open file using PW Explorer.
ProjectWise Check In dialog

General Printing Information

Go to File>Print or print button on standard menu
Print dialog

WFL standards use the pen tables to alter color output.  The True Color setting allows the use of pen tables.
To change the pen table, in the print menu go to Pen Table>Attach. The Color table is generally used for collaboration.  All standard plans use the Black table.
Select Pen Table File dialog

The pen table PW location is \Documents\PW_ Resources\Bentley\MicroStation\Tables\Pen\.

To change pen table on batch printing.
Select Printer Setup...
Print dialog showing location of Printer Setup

Next Select Edit (pencil icon).
Print Setup dialog showing how to change the configuration file

Select the pen table from the Printer Driver Configuration menu using the Default Pen Table File Name pull down.
Printer Driver Configuration dialog

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