Proposed Guardrail Systems (61701____)

Adhoc Name: 61701____
Description: Proposed Guardrail Systems (Pay Item 61701-◊◊◊◊)

Typical Section showing variables


G-rail Agg Shldr Width” - This is the aggregate shoulder width to be drawn beyond the back of the guardrail post. Express the distance in master units of feet or meters.

G-rail Foreslope” - This is the value of the guardrail foreslope in a “Rise:Run” format. Make sure to include the colon between the numbers.

EFL Undercut Slope” - Specify S or P to control the slope of the aggregate shoulder undercut lines. S stands for “shoulder” slope and P stands for “pavement” slope.

Extend Pavt to Post” - Specify Y or N for “yes” or “no” respectively to extend the pavement to the edge of the guardrail post.

MatchHighSideSuper” - Specify Y or N for “yes” or “no” respectively to have the aggregate shoulder slope of the high side of super elevation follow the pavement slope. If set to no then a normal -2% slope will be used.

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