Proposed Guardwall, Type 1 (618021000)

Adhoc Name: 618021000
Description: Proposed Guardwall, Type 1 (Pay Item 61802-1000)

Typical Section showing variables


Wall Height” - Wall height in master units measured from the top edge of the proposed pavement, aggregate shoulder, or sidewalk.

Wall Thickness” - Wall thickness in master units measured from front face to back face of wall.

Wall Slope” - Slope in a Rise:Run format of the surface connecting the pavement to the face of the wall.

Footing Thickness” - Wall footing thickness in master units.

Footing Width” - Wall footing width in master units.

Foundation Depth” - Depth below the wall footing representing the vertical boundary of the structure excavation.

Backfill Width” - Wall backfill width in master units. This is located beyond the back face of the wall.

Setback Width” - Wall setback width in master units. This measurement is the distance from the outter edge of the footing to existing ground measured on a horizontal plane. This dimension will be verified when the wall is drawn. If the dimension drawn does not exceed this value a warning message will be drawn stating such. In any event, the set back distance will always be labeled on the cross section for the designer automatically to aid in the design process.

Wall Excavation Slope” - Slope in a Rise:Run format of the slope under the pavement, shoulder, or sidewalk that ties to the bottom of the proposed structure. Be sure to include the colon between the numbers.

Structure Exc Width” - Excavation width beyond the guard wall inner footing edge in master units.

Adjacent To Structure” - Specifies what structure the wall is to be adjacent to. Use ^P^ for pavement, ^A^ for aggregate shoulder, and ^S^ for sidewalk.

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