Limits of Construction

This exercise demonstrates how to automatically draw limit of construction, commonly called slope stake limits, using the Limits of Construction tool. The tool will draw graphical elements in a horizontal alignment dgn that represent tie points of the proposed finished grade and the existing ground line from a cross section dgn file.

Needed are:

To begin open the cross section dgn file.

Next, Open the Project Manager, then go to Directory>Current Working Directory, next Select Project (.prj file) to work on then Select OK, and then Select User [name] from Project Users menu.

Verify the proper working alignment is being used. Select the Limits of Construction tab on the Project Manager menu.
Project Manager menu with Limits off Construction tab

The Select Run menu will appear. Create a new run. Go to Run>New.
Select Run menu

Enter a run name and description. Use acceptable description for documentation.
New Run Name menu

Select newly created run and then select OK.
Select Run menu with new run name and description

The Limits of Construction menu will appear.
Limits of Construction menu

Much of the menu data should be populated with the working alignment data.

Select OK to each sub-menu as parameters are entered and resume to settings of the Limits of Construction menu.
Limits of Construction menu

Save settings before applying.  Select close X and save limits of construction setting.  Select Yes.
Save Limits of Construction Settings alert

Open Limits of Construction run that was created.  Check all setting that have been entered and close again to save settings if necessary. Select Apply.

The screen will flash with cross section processing. After processing, the PW Check In menu will appear, select Update Server Copy.  The (HA) plan dgn file will open, and the Save Limits of Construction Settings? alert will appear again, Select Yes.

Verify construction limit lines with cross section data.

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