Equation Stations

To insert an Equation Stations with GEOPAK invoke the COGO dialog box and using the pulldowns, select...

Element > Chain > Station Equation, (as shown below):

Screen shot

There are 2 methods for determining the "Back Station" (as shown below):

With Label Point selected, simply type in the control point name (where you want the Equation Station inserted) in the Label Point field and a new Ahead Station value, as shown below:

HINT: An easy way to determine the "control point name" is to use the GEOPAK Application Attribute Viewer, shown below. Simply click on the GEOPAK Application Attribute Viewer icon and click on the planview graphic (as drawn by the D & C Manager).

Screen shot

Screen shot

You also need to type in a Tangent Point number.  I would suggest using a ? and the next available point will be used. This will NOT store a point number in COGO.

NOTE:  If an Equation Station already exists (farther down the chain), click on the check box "Station to Next Equation" and no interruption will occur past the next equation.

Click on Insert Station Equation. The results are shown below.

Screen shot

It's always a good idea to Print the chain or specific chain component to verify that the Station Equation was inserted correctly.  The screen capture below illustrates printing (or describing) Chain MAIN, and then scrolling to Spiral C-4B.

Screen shot

If you had a Profile stored in COGO that was based on the Chain's stationing prior to inserting the equation, the Profile must have it's stationing corrected. This can be done easily using the Restation Profile tool.

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