Existing Ground Cross Sections

To create existing ground cross sections, open the cross sections base dgn file, XX####_XS.dgn, and open the project manager. 
Road tools menu and project manager icon

Go to Directory>Current Working Directory, next Select Project, Select OK, and then Select User [name] from Project Users menu.

Select Existing Ground Cross Sections tab on the Project Manager menu.
Project manager menu with existing ground cross sections button highlighted

The Select Run menu will appear. Create a new run. Go to Run>New. 
Select run menu with new selected

Enter a run name and description.
New run name menu with entry

Select created run and then OK
Select run menu with created run

If the Working Alignment definitions are up to date in the Project Manager, much of the design data will be filled in automatically, such as chain and pattern line information.

Settings for the XS Cells tab.
Draw existing ground cross sections menu with XS cells tab

Settings for the Surfaces tab. After all data fields are filed, select draw.
Draw exsiting ground cross sections menu with surfaces tab

Select Yes to save settings when closing menu.
Select Yes from Alert dialog

Menu Settings
Preferred update options..
Draw exsiting ground cross sections with update options and delete exsiting elelments and redraw checked

Using Line for type will draw existing ground will be draw as connected individual lines.  Use Line String setting when using dense tin files to will keep files from getting too large.
Draw exsiting ground cross sections line type options

Level symbology will be inherited from the definition of working alignments. Below is the correct settings
Exsiting ground cross secions level symbology

Us Customary settings are Horizontal = 0.1 and Variance = 0.03
Metric settings are Horizontal = 0.03 and Variance = 0.009
Exsiting ground cross secions filter tolerance

Standard practice is to detect voids.  Suggested settings are below.  Be sure and to sure to add Color (red) when defining existing ground in define working alignment features.
Exsiting ground cross secions void symbology

After Draw existing ground cross sections,
Exsiting ground cross section in microstation

view using the cross sections navigator.
Road tools menu with navigator icon highlighted

The Cross Section Navigator. Press F1 key after activating navigator for help on using the navigator.
Cross section navigator menu

Use the Super Cross Section Navigator
Civil workflows menu with design and computation manager icon highlighted

Design and computation manager menu with MVBA applications and super cross section navigatorapplication highlighted

Cross sections can be stepped through or played as a movie at user controlled speed and can also be referenced to a profile.
Supe cross section navigator menu

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