Curve Widening

Most of the widening is done by placing graphical elements in a MicroStation "plan view" design file.   Usually this is the MicroStation file that also contains your horizontal alignment.

These "widening" elements are drawn at exact offsets and using exact station ranges and must be drawn using Design and Computation Manager with Place Influence activated.

The user simply selects from one of many types of widening available through the D&C Manager category Define_dgn > Proposed. The example below illustrates selecting the item for drawing a widening line that matches the adjacent superelevation shape:

Screen shot

The WFL Project Manager Typical Sections are in sync with the element symbologies setup in the D&C Manager. Once again, the user must use the optional Place Influence toggle in order for the criteria to recognize the widening elements.

available widening selections are as follows:

Pavement Widening: (Paved shoulder)

Shoulder Widening (Gravel shoulder):

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