Cross Section Sheet Layout

Purpose: This routine reads a "source" cross section file containing cross section information and references them into a "destination" cross section file in individual stacks that fit on 11" x 17" paper in several different formats.



Create a new 2D DGN file and open the file. This will serve as the "destination" file.

Invoke the Cross Section Sheet Composition tool from the Project Manager.

Project Manager showing the location of Cross Section Sheets

The Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog appears as shown below.

Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog showing the available cross section sheets

Note: The appropriate Cross Section Sheet Library (XSSL file) should load automatically. The following XSSL files are available:

  • USC+XS+Sheets.xssl - US Customary units
  • Metric+XS+Sheets.xssl - Metric units

Both files are located in the \GEOPAK\Bin\UNIT\ resource folder. To change the XSSL file from the dialog menu select
  File -> Sheet Library -> Attach
and choose the needed file.

Use the pulldowns (down arrow) as shown above and attach the desired Active Cross Section Sheet. The following predefined sheets are available:

US Customary:


In this example the 20 Scale Portrait sheet will be used.

Click on XS DGN File, as shown below and browse to the "source" cross section file, (the .dgn file that already contains the cross section elements):

Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog after the XS file has been chosen

It may take a minute or so for this to load so be patient. Once completed, the XS Baseline, Begin Station and End Station fields will be populated by the application reading the source file.

Select Sheet DGN File, as shown below and browse to the blank "destination" file.

Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog with 'Sheet DGN File' chosen

All of the other settings below Sheet DGN File are already setup in the sheet library except for Sheet Labels.

Scroll down to Sheet Labels, as shown below. This area of the application allows each user to create custom headers to suit specific project needs.

Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog with 'Sheet Labels' chosen

Four lines of text are available for use:

  1. Office: Preset to FHWA/WFLHD (this can be edited)
  2. Title: It is suggested to show the Project Number/Name on this line
  3. Subtitle: This line is intended for more specific information about the particular set of cross-sections such as the station range
  4. Sheet: Preset to display sheet number

To change a header line, double click the Label column for the appropriate header line. This selects the default text and allows for user input.
Note: these columns are resizeable by clicking the vertical line separator and sliding sideways.

By default the page numbering starts with "1". This field may be modified. This comes in handy when the first 50 sheets are portrait and the second set is in landscape format beginning with sheet 51.

To layout the sheets select the Layout Sheets button as shown below. This step may also take a few minutes to complete because what's happening is all of the elements that were displayed in view ONE in the "source" cross section file are being referenced in 11" x 17" groups into this file.

Cross Section Sheet Composition dialog showing location of Layout Sheets button

Sample output is shown below:

Screenshot showing a cross-section on a sheet

To expedite printing it is recommended to merge the reference files into the master document.

To merge the reference file graphics into the master file follow these simple steps:

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