Design Resources

The Design Resources provide information about developing a proposed roadway improvement from inception to a final project package. Some disciplines provide support through Construction. See the Discipline list for particular functions.

General Resources

The following general resources are used by the Highway Design discipline:

  • Specifications - FLH Standard Specifications (FP) along with links to division libraries of supplemental specifications
  • Standard Drawings - FLH Standard Drawings with links to individual division details
  • Estimate - creating Engineer's Estimates within FLH.
  • CADD Support - information about use of CADD in Federal Lands Highway

Highway Design Resources

The Highway Design sections develop the geometric roadway design and create the project Plan, Specification, and Estimate (PS&E) package.

  • PDDM - Chapters 4 and 9 specifically relate to Highway Design
  • Forms - forms used in or used to document the Highway Design process
  • Tools - various design tools
  • Library - other manuals and resources used in Highway Design
  • Plans Preparation - information regarding preparation of project plans
  • Design Visualization - depicting proposed work by use of 3D modeling

Division Links

  • CFLHD - links relevant to the Central Federal Lands Highway Division
  • EFLHD - links relevant to the Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division
  • WFLHD - links relevant to the Western Federal Lands Highway Division