WFLHD Highway Design Forms

These forms are used in the Western Federal Lands Highway Division. See the Templates for plan sheet forms.

Design Documentation Forms

These forms are prepared for each project during the design process:

  • Word Icon Design Book Index  (Word, 36 KB) - Index for Design Book with typical items included in each section. (Rev 7/2018)
  • Word Icon Design Narrative  (Word, 22 KB) - Documents information about the project for use during construction. (Rev 12/2006)
  • Excel Icon GEOPAK Tracking Document  (Excel, 31 KB) - Used for tracking project-specific GEOPAK information. (Rev 1/2014) See the Acrobat Icon example tracking document  (Acrobat, 24 KB).
  • Excel Icon QC Review Checklist  (Excel, 165 KB) - Quality Control Checklist for all design phases. (Rev 2/2019)  New
  • Word Icon Signoff Package Checklist  (Word, 65 KB) - Documents and conditions that must be met prior to forwarding PS&E package to Acquistions after Signoff. The first page contains a summary of the Signoff documents.(Rev 2/2020) See also Supplement
  • Acrobat Icon Signoff Book  (Acrobat, 28 KB) - Cover and Table of Contents for Signoff Book (Rev 12/2018)
  • Acrobat Icon WFLHD-2  (Acrobat, 29 KB) - PS&E Assembly and Review form to be completed for Signoff. (Rev 3/2019)  New
  • Word Icon External Distribution List  (Word, 22 KB) - Listing of external agencies who will receive copies of the solicitation. (Rev 10/2018)
  • Acrobat Icon PE Hold File Checklist  (Acrobat, 372 KB) - Checklist for transmittal of design information to Construction to be completed prior to award date. (Rev 4/2019)   Attach the Word Icon Important Notice Letter  (Word, 51 KB) when including CADD files.  New

Miscellaneous forms