CFLHD Supplements

CFLHD Supplements provide additional information to the FLH PDDM detailing standard practices, guidance, and criteria that pertain to the development of projects within CFLHD.

See the individual chapters listed on the left or the Summary of Transmittals below for the current supplements. The most accessed supplements are:

Adopted Supplements Summary of Transmittals

Transmittal Supplement Description
Number Date
C6 07/11/17 Project Technical Memorandum Highway Design Standards form
C5 02/14/13 Design Technical Memorandum
C4 10/18/10 Permitting Roles and Responsibilities Assessment of existing cross-drainage structures
8.1-1 CFLHD Safety-Related Design Procedures Rumble Strip Guidance
11.4.2-1 Catalog method for aggregate surfacing design
C3 4/27/09 8.1-1 * CFLHD Safety-Related Design Procedures
C2 11/21/08 4.4.1-1 Process for using AASHTO VLVLR Highway Design Standards form Process for using AASHTO VLVLR
9.6.3-1 Coordinating with cross-functional team
9.6.4-1 Design review procedures
C1 8/23/07 1.1.6-1 Issuing CFLHD Supplements
C1 8/23/07 9.6.5-1 Standard Format for Plans
C1 8/23/07 * Design Technical Memorandum
* Supplement was superceded.