WFLHD Supplements

WFLHD Supplements provide additional information to the FLH PDDM detailing standard practices, guidance, and criteria that pertain to the development of projects within WFLHD.


Adopted Supplements Summary of Transmittals

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W17 2/11/2019 9.6.4-1 CFT and Partner Milestone Review Procedures
W16 10/18/2018 1.1.6-1 Issuing WFLHD Supplements
9.6.1-2 Sealing and Signing of Documents Prepared by A/E Firms
W15 5/16/2018 9.6.10-2 Release of Digital Design Data for 3D Engineered Models
W14 4/15/2015 9.5.9-1 Land Use Determination for Right-of-Way Coordination
9.6.11-1 PS&E Quality in Project Development
W13 9/30/2010 7.1-1 Hydraulics Standard Operating Procedures Documenting Design Exceptions with Form WFLHD-3
9.6.4-1* WFLHD Design Review Procedures Development of Prices Assessment of Cost Uncertainties and Risks
9.6.10-1 PS&E Document Handoff Process
W12 3/17/2008 9.6.1-1 PS&E Package Signoff Process Title Sheet Signatures Design Book Assembly* Development of Prices
W11 12/17/2007 9.6.1-1* PS&E Package Signoff Process* Title Sheet Signatures
W10 10/11/2007* Documenting Design Exceptions with Form WFLHD-3
9.6.3-1 PS&E Development at Various Stages of Design
13.3.2-1 External Customer Feedback
W9 8/15/2007 9.6.1-1* PS&E Package Signoff Process
W8 5/11/2007 9.6.4-1* WFLHD Design Review Procedures
W7 12/15/2006 Computation of Quantities Design Narrative
W6 11/9/2006 1.1.6-1* Issuing WFLHD Supplements* Development of Prices
W5 11/29/2001 9.4.I-1 Plan Sheet Sizes and WFLHD Details
9.6.A-1 Standard Format for Plans
W4 10/17/2001 1.1.C-1* Instructions for Issuing Division Procedures
W3 12/9/1999 3.4-1 Environmental Analysis and Public Involvement
W2 9/29/1999 ERFO Project Development
W1 9/9/1999 1.1.C-1* Instructions for Issuing Division Procedures
* Supplement was superceded.

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