WFLHD Supplements for PDDM Chapter 3 - Environmental Stewardship

Supplements are available for the following sections of the PDDM:

3.4 Environmental Process

Procedure 3.4-1  Acrobat Icon Environmental Analysis and Public Involvement  (Acrobat, 255 KB), 41 pages

  • Purpose:  These procedures establish WFLHD supplemental guidance for addressing the National Environmental Policy Act requirements, related environmental laws, regulations, and associated permits when WFLHD is the Lead Federal Agency in developing a transportation improvement project.
  • Approved:  12/9/1999
  • References:
     - Word Icon Download Categorical Exclusion Outline  (Word, 35 KB)
     - Acrobat Icon State Permits Lists  (Acrobat, 29 KB) (located on page 4 of WFLHD-2, enter state on page 1)