WFLHD Supplements for PDDM Chapter 9 - Highway Design

Supplements are available for the following sections of the PDDM:

9.1.3 Exceptions to Design Standards

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Documenting Design Exceptions with WFLHD-3  (Acrobat, 42 KB), 4 pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement provided guidance in documenting exceptions to Highway Design Standards within WFLHD using the WFLHD-3 (Highway Design Standards) form. Note that design exceptions are now documented using the Highway Design Standards form.
  • Approved:  9/30/2010
  • References:
     - Download the Acrobat Icon Highway Design Standards  (Acrobat, 35 KB) form. For WFLHD consultant projects, show the A/E Lead Designer as the preparer (use no other A/E signatures). For WFLHD projects change the first recommender to the Highway Standards Engineer.
     - Information about the FHWA Controlling Criteria
     - Mitigation Strategies for Design Exceptions - FHWA-SA-07-011

9.5.9 Right-of-Way and Utility Considerations

Supplement 9.5.9-1  Acrobat Icon Land Use Determination for Right-of-Way Coordination  (Acrobat, 45 KB), 5 pages

9.6.1 PS&E Package

Supplement 9.6.1-2  Acrobat Icon Sealing and Signing of Documents Prepared by A/E Firms  (Acrobat, 117 KB), 4 pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement specifies the type of documents that are required to be sealed by a licensed professional for highway design, construction, and related services, and the requirements for signing and sealing those documents.
  • Approved:  10/18/2018

9.6.3 PS&E Development at Various Stages of Design

Supplement 9.6.3-1  Acrobat Icon PS&E Development at Various Stages of Design  (Acrobat, 14 KB), 1 page

  • Purpose:  This supplement describes the design process in WFLHD.
  • Approved:  10/11/2007
  • References:
     - View WFLHD Design Process

9.6.4 Reviews

Supplement 9.6.4-1  Acrobat Icon CFT and Partner Milestone Review Procedures  (Acrobat, 202 KB), 2 pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement describes the procedures for submitting a project package of plans, specifications, and cost estimate (PS&E package) for review at project milestones, expectations for milestone reviews, and the resolution of comments.
  • Approved:  2/11/2019
  • References:
     - Excel Icon QC Review Checklist  (Excel, 165 KB)
     - WFLHD Plan Review Process

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Title Sheet Signatures  (Acrobat, 20 KB), 1 page

  • Purpose:  The purpose of this supplement is to provide guidance for obtaining approval of the project title sheet and preparing a digital version of the final title sheet.
  • Approved:  3/17/2008
  • References:
     - Sample Title Sheets

Supplement  Acrobat Icon PS&E Package Signoff Process  (Acrobat, 130 KB), 2 pages

  • Purpose:  This Supplement describes the WFLHD process for final approval of the PS&E package and hand-off to Acquisitions for preparation of the solicitation package.
  • Approved:  3/11/2019
  • References:
     - Signoff folder - description of the Project Signoff folders
     - Acrobat Icon WFLHD-2  (Acrobat, 29 KB)
     - Word Icon Signoff Package Checklist  (Word, 65 KB)
     - Acrobat Icon Signoff Book Cover and Table of Contents  (Acrobat, 28 KB) - placed in Signoff Book for Chief of Engineering Review

9.6.5 Plans

Supplement 9.6.5-1  Acrobat Icon Standard Format for Plans  (Acrobat, 229 KB), 19 pages

9.6.6 Supporting Information

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Computation of Quantities  (Acrobat, 80 KB), 1 page

  • Purpose:  The purpose of this Supplement is to clarify how various quantities are to be calculated.
  • Approved:  12/15/2006

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Design Book Assembly  (Acrobat, 63 KB), 9 pages

  • Purpose:  The purpose of this Supplement is to provide general guidance for organizing the project design files into the Design Book.
  • Approved:  3/17/2008
  • References:
     - Word Icon Design Book Index  (Word, 36 KB)
     - Excel Icon CADD and GEOPAK Tracking Document  (Excel, 31 KB)

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Design Narrative  (Acrobat, 23 KB), 2 pages

  • Purpose:  The purpose of this Supplement is to describe the Design Narrative prepared for the Construction Project Engineer.
  • Approved:  12/15/2006
  • References:
     - Word Icon Design Narrative Template  (Word, 22 KB)

Supplement  PE Hold File Checklist, ? pages

  • Purpose:  This Supplement provides guidance for assembling the PE Hold File Checklist.
  • Approved:  < FUTURE >
  • References:
     - Acrobat Icon PE Hold File Checklist  (Acrobat, 372 KB)
     - Word Icon Important Notice Letter  (Word, 51 KB) - to be included when CADD files are provided

9.6.7 Computation of Construction Schedule and Contract Time

Supplement 9.6.7-1  Developing Constructions Schedules, ? pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement provides WFLHD guidance for developing construction schedules in order to determine contract time.
  • Approved:  < FUTURE >
  • References:
     - Acrobat Icon CPM Tips  (Acrobat, 212 KB)
     - Acrobat Icon CPMs Made Easy  (Acrobat, 725 KB)
     - Excel Icon PS&E to NTP Calculator  (Excel, 42 KB)

9.6.8 Engineer's Estimate

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Development of Prices  (Acrobat, 31 KB), 2 pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement explains how prices are developed at the various project development review stages.
  • Approved:  9/30/2010

Supplement  Acrobat Icon Assessment of Cost Uncertainties and Risks  (Acrobat, 275 KB), 3 pages

  • Purpose:  This supplement explains the procedure for including Adjustments for Price Fluctuations into a contract, especially for fuel escalation.
  • Approved:  9/30/2010
  • References:
     - Excel Icon Fuel Escalation Cost Worksheet  (Excel, 30 KB)
     - Acrobat Icon Sample Justification  (Acrobat, 276 KB)

9.6.9 Specifications

Supplement  Writing Special Contract Requirements, ? pages

9.6.10 Contract Assembly

Supplement 9.6.10-1  Acrobat Icon PS&E Document Handoff Process  (Acrobat, 126 KB), 3 pages

  • Purpose:  Documents policy for transferring PS&E documents through ProjectWise between Design, Administrative Services, and Acquisition during the project development phase.
  • Approved:  DRAFT

Supplement 9.6.10-2  Acrobat Icon Release of Digital Design Data for 3D Engineered Models  (Acrobat, 30 KB), 1 page

  • Purpose:  Specifies digital design data included with the physical data.
  • Approved:  5/16/2018

9.6.11 Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Supplement 9.6.11-1  Acrobat Icon PS&E Quality in Project Development  (Acrobat, 57 KB), 6 pages

  • Purpose:  This Supplement explains the quality review process in WFLHD.
  • Approved:  4/15/2015
  • References:
     - Excel Icon QC Checklist  (Excel, 165 KB)