CFLHD Sample Plan Sheets

CFLHD Sample Plan Sheets are intended to illustrate presentation format and have been developed with the goal of uniformity in the presentation of roadway construction plans. The various Sample Plan Sheets have been compiled from an assortment of projects including 3R, 4R, National Park Service, and United States Forest Service.
Section Title
3R 3R Projects Sample Plans
4R 4R Projects Sample Plans
Amendments Sample sheets showing how changes are noted on plans and SCRs for bit amendments.

Use the presentation and format of the Sample Plans Sheets as guidance during the development of contract plans. The Sample Plan Sheets do not depict all possible circumstances that may be encountered in the design of the various sheets. It is recognized that situations will occur where good engineering judgment dictates deviations from the presentation shown in the Sample Plan Sheets.

Project Type Units Design Lead Client Bid Schedules
3R US Customary A/E Design NPS Yes
4R Metric Internal Design USFS
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