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Active Projects File Name Prefixes

The following table lists all active projects in WFLHD.  Select a prefix to generate a listing of sample file names.

Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
dc0908 AK DEN 2009(8) Manokotak Heights Road Repair Construction
ak-11004 AK DOT 110(4) Community - Refuge Trail Project Development
ak-13502 AK DOT 135(2) Glenn Highway Chickaloon Bridge Construction
ak-13504 AK DOT 135(4) Glenn Highway Rehabilitation Long Lake Section: MP 84.5 to 92 Development
ak-13505 AK DOT 135(5) Glenn Highway Rehabilitation West Chickaloon Grade Section: MP 77.4 to 78.2 Construction
ak-f-cnf101501 AK FS CNF 1015(1) Russian River Campground Access Development
ak-f-cnf101502 AK FS CNF 1015(2) Russian River Campground Access Phase 2 Development
ak-f-tnf00201 AK FS TNF 2(1) Auke Recreational Roadway Rehab Construction
ak-t-fort100201 AK IRR FORT 1002(1) Ivars Road Bridge Replacement Construction
dena01044 AK NPS DENA 10(44) Repave Denali Park Road MP 3.4 to 14.7, Phase II Construction
dena01046 AK NPS DENA 10(46) West District Culvert Replacement, MP 62.7 & MP 63 Planning
kefj01004 AK NPS KEFJ 10(4) Herman Leirer Road (Exit Glacier Road) Flood Mitigation Construction
klgo01001 AK NPS KLGO 10(1) Repair Dyea Flats Road and Slide Cemetery Road Construction
sitk201301 AK NPS SITK 2013(1) Replace Indian River Bridge Construction
af04005 AK PFH 40(5) Kake to Seal Point Paving Development
af04310 AK PFH 43(10) Deweyville Trailhead to Neck Lake Road Construction
af05801 AK PFH 58(1) Neck Lake Rd. Reconstruction: NPOWI Hwy. to Marine Access Facility Jct. Development
af05901 AK PFH 59(1) Snug Harbor Road Paving and Bike Trail Construction
dena01026 AK PRA DENA 10(26) Rock Creek Culvert   (Old PRMS: DE1026) Construction
dena01033 AK PRA DENA 10(33) Pedestrian Crossing of Savage River Planning
dena01034 AK PRA DENA 10(34) Eagle's Nest Corner at MP 67.5 Construction
dena01035 AK PRA DENA 10(35) Repave Denali Park Road MP 0 to 3.4 Development
dena01036 AK PRA DENA 10(36) Replace Ghiglione Bridge Planning
ak-a1478131 AK TAZLINA 0013(1) Tazlina Bike and Pedestrian Pathway Development
ak-t-ouzi201701 AK TR OUZI 2017(1) Anton Larsen Bay Road Extension Planning
ak-t-chic201301 AK TTP CHIC 2013(1) Dene 'Tene' Pedestrian Path Construction
ak-f206001 AK USFS 2060(1) Naukati Road Reconstruction Construction
az-p201607 AZ NPS PP 2016(7) Pavement Preservation Arizona Construction
ca-p201701 CA NPS BP 2017(1) Bridge Preservation YOSE/SEKI Planning
ca-p201609 CA NPS PP 2016(9) Pavement Preservation Northern California Development
deva201610 CA NPS PP DEVA 2016(10) Pavement Preservation Death Valley Phase 2 Planning
deva201608 CA NPS PP DEVA 2016(8) Pavement Preservation Death Valley Phase 1 Development
jotr201701 CA NPS PP JOTR 2017(1) Pavement Preservation Joshua Tree Development
yose201801 CA NPS PP YOSE 2018(1) Pavement Preservation Yosemite Planning
seki01101 CA NPS SEKI 11(1) Upper and Lower Kings River Bridge Repair Planning
Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
id-a2014004 ID AMFALLS MARINA(1) Marina Road; SH-39 to Pacific Road Construction
id-a0020171 ID BOR 2017(1) American Falls West Boat Ramp Entrance Development
id-a2158061 ID BOUNDARY 5806(1) Riverside Road Improvements (ADVANCE) Planning
id-a2013004 ID CANYON 2013(1) Riverside Road & Lakeshore Drive Rehabilitation Construction
id-a3109721 ID CASSIA 972(1) West Milner Road - 700W to 850W Planning
id-a2014003 ID CLARK 6805(1) Yale-Kilgore Road, MP 9 to 16.9 Planning
id--t03301 ID DOT T 33(1) Idaho Teton Centennial Trail Development
id-a4368051 ID FREMONT 6805(1) Yale-Kilgore Road, MP 16.9 to 30.8 Planning
id-ef1612701 ID FS ERFO 2016(1)-27(1) Idaho Panhandle Repairs 2016 Development
id-ef1712901 ID FS ERFO 2017(1)-29(1) Stoddard Bridge Planning
id-ef1722701 ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-27(1) Idaho Panhandle Repairs 2017 Planning
id-ef1722801 ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-28(1) Boise Repairs 2017 Planning
id-ef1728001 ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-80(1) Payette Repairs 2017 Planning
id-ef1728101 ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-81(1) Nez Perce - Clearwater Repairs 2017 Planning
id-ef1728201 ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-82(1) Sawtooth Repairs 2017 Planning
id-f-saw201701 ID FS SAW T 2017(1) Redfish Lake to Stanley Trail Planning
id-a5557621 ID KOOTENAI 5762(1) Bunco Road Improvements (ADVANCE) Planning
id-a5900931 ID LEMHI 93(1) 2L Trails Highway 93 South Planning
crmo201606 ID NPS PP CRMO 2016(6) Pavement Preservation Craters of the Moon Construction
if02107 ID PFH 21(7) Warren Wagon Road Development
if02413 ID PFH 24(13) Banks-Lowman Rockfall Hazard Mitigation, Phase 1 Construction
if02603 ID PFH 26(3) Ketchum-Challis Highway (Pebble Beach Section) Construction
if05009 ID PFH 50(9) Avery Landing Construction
if06002 ID PFH 60(2) Manning Crevice Bridge Construction
if09101 ID PFH 91(1) Williams Creek (Shoup) Bridge Replacement Construction
if09801 ID PFH 98(1) Goose Lake Road Reconstruction Construction
Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
mt-a2013017 MT BEAVERHEAD 273(1) Elk Lake Road Construction
mt-a2015017 MT BOR 2015(1) Fresno Reservoir Road Surface Preservation Project Construction
mt-d201602 MT DAR 2016(2) 2016 By Mile - Wheatland Area Construction
mt-d201701 MT DAR 2017(1) Minuteman Missile Base Roads 2017 Construction
mt-d201702 MT DAR 2017(2) 2017 By Mile - Fergus Area Planning
mt-d201801 MT DAR 2018(1) Defense Access Roads FY 2018 Development
mt-d1654 MT DOD 16(54) Minuteman Missile Base Roads 16(54) Construction
mt-1420301 MT DOT 14203(1) Maiden Road Development
mt-23601 MT DOT 236(1) MT 236 South of Big Sandy Construction
mt-54301 MT DOT 543(1) North of Jordan Construction
mt-54401 MT DOT 544(1) Biddle East Planning
mt-56903 MT DOT 569(3) North of Moose Cr North Development
mt-08601 MT DOT 86(1) Bozeman to Bridger Mountains Trail Development
mt-a0270161 MT FERGUS 2016(1) Horse Ranch Road Bridge Replacement Construction
mt-a2015003 MT FLATHEAD 917(2) Blacktail Road Surface Improvements Phase 2 Development
mt-r-cmr201501 MT FWS CMR 2015(1) Route 425 Recreation Area Planning
glac104102 MT GLAC 1041(2) Apgar Loop Reconstruction Planning
mt-a3700141 MT GLACIER 14(1) Many Glacier Road Planning
glac01103 MT NPS GLAC 11(3) Camas Rd slumps and 4 miles Roadway Rehabilitation (McDonald Creek to Fish Creek) Development
glac01404 MT NPS GLAC 14(4) Rehabilitate Many Glacier Road (Inside Park) Development
glac201701 MT NPS GLAC 2017(1) Pavement Preservation Glacier Development
yell01102 MT NPS YELL 11(2) North Entrance Development
mt-a6720132 MT PARK 2013(1)B Gardiner Gateway, Phase 2 Construction
mt-a2015004 MT PARK 63(1) Tom Miner Creek Road Capital Improvements Project Development
mt-a2015015 MT PARK NF486(1) Mill Creek Road Surface Preservation Project Development
mf09801 MT PFH 98-1(1) Rimini Road Construction
mt-a2013018 MT PHILLIPS 201(1) Old Highway 2 and Bridge Replacement Construction
glac01030 MT PRA GLAC 10(30) West Entrance to Avalanche - Phase 10 Construction
glac01040 MT PRA GLAC 10(40) GTSR Rising Sun to St. Mary - Phase 13 Construction
glac01403 MT PRA GLAC 14(3) Rehabilitate Many Glacier Road Slide Construction
libi01002 MT PRA LIBI 10(2) Little Bighorn Park Road Development
mt-a2013009 MT STILLWATER 207(1) West Rosebud Creek Road Reconstruction Construction
mt-a2013008 MT SWEETGRASS 210(1) Main Boulder River Road Improvements Construction
mt-a2015023 MT TETON 144(1) North Fork Project Planning
nm-a0701391 NM JICARILLA J39(1) J-39 Bridge Hydraulic Analysis Planning
Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
or-a2013013 OR BAKER 520(1) Granite Hill Highway Reconstruction Construction
or-eb1513203 OR BLM ERFO 151-3203 Medford District Roads 2015 Construction
or-eb1513301 OR BLM ERFO 151-3301 Wells Creek Landslide Construction
or-eb1713201 OR BLM ERFO 2017(1)-32(1) Medford District Road Repairs 2017 Planning
or-b-rb33063201 OR BLM RB 330632(1) Cow Creek, Ph 1 Construction
or-b-sal4072701 OR BLM SAL 040727(1) Nestucca River Back Country Byway Phase 1 Development
or-a4720161 OR DETROIT 2016(1) Detroit Area Visitor Portal, Bikeway and Day Use Enhancements Development
or-14001 OR DOT 140(1) OR 140 Klamath County Boat Marina to Lakeshore Drive Development
or-02001 OR DOT 20(1) US 20 Lower Sunken Grade Slide Repair MP 55.4 Development
or-22401 OR DOT 224(1) Clackamas Highway Pavement Restoration Development
or-02602 OR DOT 26(2) Mirror Lake Trailhead Relocation Construction
or-03601 OR DOT 36(1) OR 36 - Florence-Eugene Highway to Greenleaf Creek Construction
or-00901 OR DOT 9(1) US101: Moolack Landslide Repair MP 135.7-136.31 Planning
or-10001 OR DOT CRGNSA 100(1) Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail Construction
or-10004 OR DOT CRGNSA 100(4) Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail Phase, Mitchell Point Crossing Planning
or-a2013012 OR DOUGLAS 1(1) Tiller Trail Highway MP 40.20 - MP 40.41 Construction
or-a1900171 OR DOUGLAS 17(1) Little River Road Rock Slope Stabilization MP 24.6 Development
or-ef1710901 OR FS ERFO 2017(1)-09(1) Fremont-Winema Repairs 2017 Planning
or-ef1711501 OR FS ERFO 2017(1)-15(1) Umpqua Repairs 2017 Planning
or-r-bks201601 OR FWS BKS 2016(1) Baskett Slough Headquarters Access Design Planning
or-a3324012 OR JOSEPH 2401(2) Galice Road Improvements Planning
or-a3704121 OR LAKE 4-12(1) East Bay Road Rehabilitation Development
or-a4108071 OR LINCOLN 807(1) Five Rivers Road Overlay Planning
or-a4508461 OR MALHEUR 846(1) Owyhee Lake Road Overstreet Road - Owyhee Reservoir Development
of12401 OR PFH 124-1(1) Beaver Creek Road   (Old PRMS: OF1241) Construction
of14604 OR PFH 146(4) Palmer Junction - MP 0.0 to 15.1 Construction
of16319 OR PFH 163(19) Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail: Starvation Creek to Lindsey Creek Construction
of16321 OR PFH 163(21) Multnomah Falls Viaducts Repairs Planning
of04613 OR PFH 46(13) Fall Creek Bridge Replacement Construction
crla01401 OR PRA CRLA 14(1) Rehabilitate West Rim Drive and East Rim Drive Construction
or-a0577801 OR TILLAMOOK B780(1) Cape Meares Road Relocation Development
or-a6346021 OR WALLOWA 4602(1) Wallowa Mountain Loop Road Reconstruction Development
or-a6501021 OR WASCO 102(1) Wamic Market Road and Ramsey Creek Overlay Planning
or-a6720151 OR WASH 2015(1) Hagg Lake Perimeter Road Project Development
or-a6720152 OR WASH 2015(2) Hagg Lake Perimeter Road, MP 2.7 Slide Repair Construction
ut-p-pres01501 UT NPS PRES 15(1) Pavement Preservation Utah Construction
Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
wa-a2015022 WA CLALLAM 92210(1) East Beach Road Construction
we0712023 WA FS ERFO 071-2023 Suiattle Rive Road MP 6.0 - MP 14.4 Construction
wa-ef1512101 WA FS ERFO 151-2101 FDR 2922 Repair Construction
wa-ef1512001 WA FS ERFO 2015(1)-20(1) Wells Creek Repairs Development
wa-ef1612001 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-20(1) Mt. Baker Emergency Repairs 2016 Development
wa-ef1612002 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-20(2) Skykomish Emergency Repairs 2016 Planning
wa-ef1612003 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-20(3) Darrington District Emergency Repairs, Phase 1 Development
wa-ef1612201 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-22(1) Cowlitz Valley Road Repairs Construction
wa-ef1612202 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-22(2) Cowlitz Valley Road Repairs Phase 2 Development
wa-ef1612301 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-23(1) Okanogan-Wenatchee 2016 Repairs Phase 2 Development
wa-ef1612302 WA FS ERFO 2016(1)-23(2) Okanogan-Wenatchee 2016 Repairs, Phase 1 Construction
wa-f-okw07601 WA FS OKW 76(1) Icicle Creek Road Rock Fall Mitigation Development
wa-er1716701 WA FWS ERFO 2017(1)-67(1) River S Access Road Repair Development
wa-r-quil201401 WA FWS QUIL 2014(1) Quilcene NFH Safety Engineering Analysis Development
wa-a2013020 WA JEFF 91420(1) Upper Hoh River Road Phase 2 Development
wa-a2015020 WA LEWIS 707(1) Cispus Road Improvements Construction
laro20801 WA NPS LARO 208(1) Hawk Creek Road Stabilization Planning
mora01201 WA NPS MORA 12(1) Repair Mather Memorial Slide Area Development
mora12301 WA NPS MORA 123(1) Rockfall Mitigation at SR123 Construction
mora01307 WA NPS MORA 13(7) Rehabilitate Stevens Canyon Road, MP 5.0 to 14.0 Planning
noca02001 WA NPS NOCA 20(1) Skagit River Bridge Repair Construction
olym10701 WA NPS OLYM 107(1) Upper Hoh River Emergency Repair Development
olym01110 WA NPS OLYM 11(10) Sol Duc Hot Springs Campground Bridge Construction
olym01109 WA NPS OLYM 11(9) Rehabilitate Route 11, Lake Crescent Road (US Hwy 101) Construction
olym01601 WA NPS OLYM 16(1) Mora Road Repairs Development
olym201301 WA NPS OLYM 2013(1) Spruce Railroad Trail Construction
olym201503 WA NPS OLYM 2015(3) Olympic Hot Springs Road Rehabilitation Development
olym201504 WA NPS OLYM 2015(4) Spruce Railroad Trail Tunnel Segment C Construction
olym201601 WA NPS OLYM 2016(1) Spruce Railroad Trail Segment A Development
olym201701 WA NPS OLYM 2017(1) Spruce Railroad Trail Segment B Planning
olym20701 WA NPS OLYM 207(1) Rehabilitate Staircase Road Development
wa-p-pres201502 WA NPS PRES 2015(2) Pavement Preservation Olympic Phase II Construction
wa-a2015024 WA PACIFIC 2015(1) Public Access Enhancement to Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Development
wf02901 WA PFH 29-1(1) Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road Construction
wf02905 WA PFH 29-1(5) Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road Slope Stabilization Construction
mora01406 WA PRA MORA 14(6) Nisqually to Paradise Road, Phase I Construction
mora01407 WA PRA MORA 14(7) Nisqually to Paradise Road, Phase II Construction
noca01006 WA PRA NOCA 10(6) Stehekin Valley Road; Phase 2 Construction
olym10303 WA PRA OLYM 103(3) Sol Duc Valley Road, Phase 2   (Old PRMS: OL1033) Construction
olym01202 WA PRA OLYM 12(2) Hurricane Ridge Road, Phase II Development
wa-a2015008 WA RIDGE MAIN(1) Main Avenue Access Improvements Development
wa-r-ridg10002 WA RRP RIDG 100(2) River S Bridge Replacement Development
Alaska  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Wyoming
grte201501 WY NPS GRTE 2015(1) Four Bridges Development
grte201701 WY NPS GRTE 2017(1) Moose Wilson Corridor Management Support Planning
grte201702 WY NPS GRTE 2017(2) Gros Ventre Road Stabilization Planning
grte70004 WY NPS GRTE 700(4) Improve Safety at Gros Ventre Junction with a Modern Roundabout Development
grte70005 WY NPS GRTE 700(5) Grand Teton Pathways, Phase V Connection Development
grte90601 WY NPS GRTE 906(1) Blacktail Ponds Mill & Overlay Construction
wy-p-pres01501 WY NPS PRES 15(1) Pavement Preservation Wyoming Construction
wy-p-pres01701 WY NPS PRES 17(1) Pavement Preservation Yellowstone 2017 Construction
yell01022 WY NPS YELL 10(22) Canyon to Tower, Phase 3 Development
yell01023 WY NPS YELL 10(23) Grand Loop Rd- Old Faithful to West Thumb Development
yell01024 WY NPS YELL 10(24) Grand Loop Road, Norris to Golden Gate, Phase 3 Development
yell01202 WY NPS YELL 12(2) Yellowstone River Bridge Development
yell01203 WY NPS YELL 12(3) Northeast Entrance Road Planning
yell01311 WY NPS YELL 13(11) East Entrance Road, Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond Development
yell01401 WY NPS YELL 14(1) Lewis River Bridge Development
yell01017 WY PRA YELL 10(17) Grand Loop Road, Norris to Golden Gate, Phase 1 Construction
yell01019 WY PRA YELL 10(19) Grand Loop Road, Norris to Golden Gate, Phase 2 Construction

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