Highway Design Tools

These tools are used to develop a roadway design and prepare PS&E packages.

Roadway Geometry

The following spreadsheets are intended to assist Highway Design professionals in completing lines and grades. All results should be verified by a Professional Engineer. Unless otherwise stated the spreadsheets make use of AASHTO's A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (the Green Book). Submit questions and commments to the address at the bottom of this page. All spreadsheets are provided as-is.

Superelevation and Runoff Lengths

Calculates superelevation rates, runoff lengths, and optional spiral lengths for a given radius.

Curve Widening

Calculates curve widening for various design vehicles.


  • Excel Icon Profile grades  (Excel, 23 KB) - calculates grades, "K" values, and design speeds. (Rev. 9/2012)


Roadside Barriers

  • Excel Icon Barrier Length of Need  (Excel, 118 KB) - used to calculate the length of need for guardrail installation. (Rev. 6/2018)  New

Traffic Engineering

Other Division Tools