NOTICE: EEBACS is currently unavailable and is expected to remain so for some time. For more information:
  • Contractors and consultants please contact your current Contract Officer's Representative (COR).
  • FWHA employees please contact your EEBACS component lead.

Engineer's Estimate Downloads

Substitute Engineer's Estimate Spreadsheets

Use the following spreadsheets to create Engineer's Estimates for FLH projects. The spreadsheet contains tabs for inputs, the Engineer's Estimate printout, and the Summary of Quantities as well as tabs for the bidding process. The refreshable pay item list is included.

Incentives and Adjustments

These spreadsheets calculate the materials and roughness incentives for use in EEBACS.

  • Excel Icon CFLHD  (Excel, 128 KB) (Rev 11/6/2017)
  • Excel Icon EFLHD  (Excel, 128 KB)
  • Excel Icon WFLHD  (Excel, 151 KB)