Estimate Funding Codes

Location to place funding source in Estimate spreadsheet

Use the following funding source acronymns in the Estimate spreadsheet. These are the only funding sources currently available. Contact your component lead if additional funding sources are needed.

Acronymn Description
A-AD Army - Access Defense Program
N-AD Navy - Access Defense Program
DOD Department of Defense ($ from DOD)
ARRA American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
BLM Bureau of Land Management ($ from BLM)
BOR Bureau of Reclamation ($ from BOR)
ERFO Emergency Relief Federal Owned Roads
ER Emergency Relief (ER for state roads)
FS Forest Service ($ from Forest)
FWS Fish and Wildlife Service ($ from Refuge)
HPP High Priority Project Program
IRR Indian Reservation Road Program
NPS National Park Service ($ from Park)
OMAD Office of Missile Air Defense Program
PFH Public Forest Highway Program
PLH Public Land Highway Discretionary Program (Park)
PRA Public Roads Allocated (Park Road Program)
RRP Refuge Road Program
TRIP Transit in Parks
FLAP Federal Lands Access Program
FTBL Federal Lands Transportation Program - BLM
FTCE Federal Lands Transportation Program - COE
FTFS Federal Lands Transportation Program - USFS
FTFW Federal Lands Transportation Program - FWS
FTNP Federal Lands Transportation Program - NPS
TTP Tribal Transportation Program
STP Surface Transportation Program
TAP Transportation Alternatives Program
TIP Transportation Improvement Program
THP Territorial Highway Program
EBP Equity Bonus Program
TDG National Infrastructure Investments (TIGER)
STRDG Surface transportation research, development, and deployment
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program
NFED Non-Federal Funding
IPP Innovative Projects Program
NHPP National Highway Performance Program
HRD Highway Research and Development Program