NOTICE: The EEBACS User Guide is no longer current and is shown here for archival purposes only.

EEBACS User Guide

Project Development and Design Manual (PDDM)

The EEBACS User Guide is posted in separate chapters and appendices. Users should select Chapter 1 and the appropriate chapter and appendices pertaining to their discipline.

Acrobat Icon Cover Page  (Acrobat, 207 KB) - contains the EEBACS User Guide preface and information about the document structure.
Updated: 7-Mar-2012


  1. Acrobat Icon System Overview  (Acrobat, 2.62 MB)
    Updated: 28-Jul-2014
  2. Acrobat Icon Design Module  (Acrobat, 3.16 MB)
    Updated: 28-Jul-2014
  3. Acrobat Icon Acquisitions Module  (Acrobat, 1.6 MB)
    Updated: 15-Jan-2014
  4. Acrobat Icon Construction Module  (Acrobat, 4.89 MB)
    Updated: 20-Mar-2012

EEBACS For Construction Contractors

Acrobat Icon Download  (Acrobat, 2.39 MB) abridged version of guide for Construction Contractors. Also download Appendices F, H and I. The manual consists of the following sections:

  1. System Overview
  2. Construction Module

Updated: 1-May-2012


  1. Acrobat Icon User Roles  (Acrobat, 111 KB)
    Updated: 17-Mar-2014
  2. Construction Types (Design Picklist) - under development
  3. Acrobat Icon GIS for the Design Module  (Acrobat, 3.16 MB)
    Updated: 26-Feb-2015
  4. Acrobat Icon Summary of Quantities  (Acrobat, 198 KB)
    See also the individual division Summary of Quantities Downloads. Updated: 7-Feb-2012
  5. Acrobat Icon Amendments  (Acrobat, 426 KB)
    Updated: 3-Nov-2011
  6. Excel Icon Construction EEBACS Getting Started  (Excel, 14 KB) (quick reference guide)
    Updated: 13-Feb-2012
  7. Acrobat Icon Construction Special Cases  (Acrobat, 2.57 MB)
    Updated: 31-May-2012
  8. Acrobat Icon Construction  (Acrobat, 734 KB)
    Information about uploading construction documents into EEBACS and the Work Activity Template Tool. Updated: 23-Feb-2012
  9. Acrobat Icon Daily Report Work Activity Templates  (Acrobat, 355 KB)
    Updated: 23-Feb-2012