NOTICE: EEBACS is being reimplemented in June 2018. Contractors and consultants will be notified if or when a project will be an "EEBACS project."

EEBACS User Guide

EEBACS User Guide

The EEBACS User Guide is posted in separate chapters and appendices. Users should select Chapter 1 and the appropriate chapter and appendices pertaining to their discipline.

Acrobat Icon Cover Page  (Acrobat, 208 KB) - contains the EEBACS User Guide preface and information about the document structure.
Updated: 7-Mar-2012


  1. Acrobat Icon System Overview  (Acrobat, 2.69 MB)
    Updated: 15-Jun-2018
  2. Acrobat Icon Design Module  (Acrobat, 3.16 MB)
    Updated: 28-Jul-2014
  3. Acrobat Icon Acquisitions Module  (Acrobat, 1.6 MB)
    Updated: 15-Jan-2014
  4. Acrobat Icon Construction Module  (Acrobat, 4.89 MB)
    Updated: 20-Mar-2012

EEBACS For Construction Contractors

Acrobat Icon Download  (Acrobat, 2.39 MB) abridged version of guide for Construction Contractors. Also download Appendices F, H and I. The manual consists of the following sections:

  1. System Overview
  2. Construction Module

Updated: 1-May-2012


  1. Acrobat Icon User Roles  (Acrobat, 103 KB)
    Updated: 17-Mar-2014
  2. Construction Types (Design Picklist) - under development
  3. Acrobat Icon GIS for the Design Module  (Acrobat, 3.15 MB)
    Updated: 26-Feb-2015
  4. Acrobat Icon Summary of Quantities  (Acrobat, 223 KB)
    See also the individual division Summary of Quantities Downloads. Updated: 18-Apr-2018
  5. Acrobat Icon Amendments  (Acrobat, 426 KB)
    Updated: 3-Nov-2011
  6. Excel Icon Construction EEBACS Getting Started  (Excel, 14 KB) (quick reference guide)
    Updated: 13-Feb-2012
  7. Acrobat Icon Construction Special Cases  (Acrobat, 2.55 MB)
    Updated: 31-May-2012
  8. Acrobat Icon Construction  (Acrobat, 734 KB)
    Information about uploading construction documents into EEBACS and the Work Activity Template Tool. Updated: 23-Feb-2012
  9. Acrobat Icon Daily Report Work Activity Templates  (Acrobat, 356 KB)
    Updated: 23-Feb-2012